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Equipping Slaanesh?

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Ok, I've got my first 3 squads of EC to equip and it's hard! Alot of armies, say Khorne for example, you know, you're giving em close combat weapons, but Slaanesh can very well go either way. How do you think they are most effective? Sonic Weapons or CC? Now, I always tend to like to use an armies points and benefits most effectively. So you have to give them the mark and the mark gives them extra initiative. So if I give them Sonic weaponry I am not going to be using that advantage to its fullest, but the sonic guns are super awesome.

I will already have Daemonettes for a hard hitting close combat attack, and backing them up with a bunch of 3 shot bolter shots sounds pretty mean, howver rushing some infiltrating CC I5 units, and the AC with a power weapon hitting first would just destroy! the opposing army, followed by a bunch of daemons coming at you, sounds like a hard thing to deal with.

So to sum my question up, what does Slaanesh do more effectively, shooting or CC for their basic troops?
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I would equip at least two for CC BUT equip one unit with sonic blasters.
I had to learn from bitter experience watching SM's then TAU tearing my units up with
their ranged weapons before I could get into close combat and shred them.
I say this because if the game doesn't allow infiltrate like my games you are in a
serious world of hurt. it's not much fun going toe to toe with a couple of models left
in your unit :(
Slaanesh and Nurgle are the two more "balanced" chaos armies. both can sit back and shoot or go forth and fight. The kicker with slaanesh is that their Mark power is only of use in combat(warp scream). So as Greg said you want to do a split of your forces. Go primarily combat, but make sure you have some shooters to back you up.

Slaanesh is a lot like the loyalist BT's. A lot of people see them as an assualt army(which both are) but they forget that there are more assaulty armies out there, and if either of these go up against those with nothing but CC units they will lose. So the trick is to make sure you have some shooting power to back you up and soften enemy units before the bulk of your army charges. Fo slaanesh your shooters are going to primarily be probably some Noise marines(1-2 squads), some bikes, maybe a predator. You'll want your HQ, Elites, most of your troops and probably a dreadnaught or two for CC.
I like your reasoning there. I was going to go mostly Sonic Blaster equipped squads, and use about 24 daemonettes and 12 Mounted Nettes as all my CC, but I'm not sure. I hate to waste that I5.

I was kinda thinking that the SB squads are a little more versatile, because with a tooled up AC, they can shoot the ****ens out of anybody but still do CC. They only lose one attack but they gain alot of shots. I mean, whnever I play against power armoured troops my regular squad members that are S4 and don't ignore armour saves do about jack, so it wouldn't really make a difference if they had an extra attack, because they'd be blasting them on the way in, AND assault weapons can shoot and then charge nicely, so that might make up for a lack of an extra CC weapon, because on the way in they pop an extra shot off.
Holy crap I forgot daemonettes...can't believe me...*Slaps self*.

Indeed, lots of daemonettes...could fun there. Though i'd save mounted nettes for higher point games as they can really lose effectiveness in smaller point games.
Also don't forget slaaneshi terminators. Although expensive they pay very little for the sonic blasters upgrade and they come with power weapons. I have often fielded 6 slaaneshi terminators with 4 sonic blasters and two blast masters. This is probably one of the most well rounded units in the game with serious shooting power and amazing cc power.

Slaaneshi bikers are another unit that always gets the sonic blaster upgrade... and they work like a charm.

For normal marine squads I usually don't go for the sonic blaster upgrade. It makes them too expensive and let's not forget that the standard bolter is a good weapon. So if you wan't shooty marines a group with bolter might be a good way to go. That being said I never do that. Pistol and ccw is too good a deal to pass on.

So, to sum it up. I give the sonic blaster upgrade to the special guys like termies and bikers and let the standard marines have pistols and ccw. The best thing about standard marines is that they can handle just about any job the mission, you, the battle or opponent puts them in. But they are just basic marines... so don't go overboard with the add-ons. A marine with mark of slaanesh, sonic blaster and maybe infiltrate is costing over 25 points!

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Also, equip every last squad with at least one sonic blaster. This includes cc squads! It saved my neck so many time and it will do the same for you. If you can pin enemy shooty squads when charging then you save your self a lot of hurt.
hsin_dragon said:
Also, equip every last squad with at least one sonic blaster. This includes cc squads! It saved my neck so many time and it will do the same for you. If you can pin enemy shooty squads when charging then you save your self a lot of hurt.

Do you mean blastmaster on varied frequency?
Emp. said:
Do you mean blastmaster on varied frequency?
Omg, yeah, that's exactly what I meant. Stupid ec's having to put the word blast in all their weapons....
Sonic Blaster Squads = Good firepower, but fragile.

Think about it.. A guard army has 7 x 6 point crappers to go through before you get to the good stuff.

One plasma gun shot at your sonic blaster squad and their firepower starts to get reduced. Not to mention they're obscenely expensive. Think of them as thousand sons but without the survivability.

My advice.. Take at least 1 if not 2 normal marines with bolters or BP & CCW (the latter is not bad, it does split the role, which is counter to conventional wisdom, but it makes the squad versatile and protects against counter assault to an extent.) That way, if you take wounds, it's not so horrible, and your squad will be more versatile, and you still have 4 sonic weapons.

A blastmaster is vital though.. even assault squads should have one.

Remember you have shoot at what you charge though, so you can't pin a squad, then charge a different one.

Don't rule out CC noise marines as well, I use them, and they're hugely efficient. Will usually make their points back, especially against loyalist scum who will be lamenting their I4 (it's 3 now, buddy!) Daemonettes are great, but they're suicide shock troops who will eventually exhaust themselves and die.. Noise marines are tough, and their power armour will keep them alive and kicking even through several rounds of close combat.

In other words, daemonettes are great, but they have a specific role. Refusing to take CC marine squads because you have them doesn't make any sense.
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