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So I'm doing an escalating tourni and I figured, why not post the lists I'm running. Especially seeing as my 2000 point list found itself defeated at the hands of the High Elves (Bloody Dragon) today. High points of that battle, watching my openets face when I used the Rune of Courage and stood against his War Banner (Bloody d6 combat resolution. Rolled a 6 too.) Low point was failing to get the final bloody wound on that dragon (Bloody 7 wounds)

Since this is escalating everything you see at lower points will be seen at higher points, barring the thane who will be upgraded to a lord at 2000


Thane: Stone, adamant, fury (I have to take these runes for the lord, so I made my thane with that in mind.). 140 points

Runesmith- balance, spellbreaking, great weapon. 149 points

20 warriors: full command, sheilds. 205

20 longbeards: full command, sheilds, rune of courage (Woo!) 285

10 thunderers 140

10 thunderers 140

20 miners - full command. 220

Cannon: 90

Organ gun: 120



Change from above: Thane becomes Lord: stone/fury/adamant/krag the grim/cleaving. Great weapon, sheild bearers. 293

20 hammerers- full command, sheild, runes of stoicism and battle. 340

cannon 90



20 warrior: full Command, sheilds 205

Organ gun 120

Master engineer: rune of stone and c;eaving 95



Thorek ironbrow and anvil

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