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Ethereal pics

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Very nicely done! I really like your belending and shading. Very clean, and well-organized. The robe is a little orange for my tastes, but that's not to say that it isn't well-painted.

Great job and welcome to the forums!
:O Wow, that is good.

I wish I could paint like that.:(

The cape is a bit orange for my taste but then again that is just me.

Excellent job!:yes:
Very well done. Blending is great!!!
WOW that is a nicely painted Ethereal.
I have some marines in need of an overhaul. Do you think you can help?
They are nicely base coated and washed, but could use a little of that shading and blending you used to make this guy look pretty good, for a sissy Tau.
Wow, very nice!
blending and shading looks good, as well as the viscosity of the paint, not too think or not to thin!

Great job there :yes:
I am not so sure on his face though, he look even more like a fish there then usually ;)
The painting is very nice, the technique and style are excellent, well above table standard. good smoth blends.

If I am giving constructive criticism; the shin, particularly the head, needs more blending/highlighting,
Your painting skill makes it hard to come with constuctive critisism... It looks great and the only detail I can see that "needs" mending would be the eyes. Maybe you could make them a bit brighter, but that's such a puny detail I'm almos feeling silly pointing it out.
Great job and welcome.

EDIT:"welcome"...just realised you've been here far longer then I ...
Nice model! You could highlight the skin more though.
Very nice work
Thanks for the comments and critiques. I'm currently working on a better base and more facial highlights...Thanks again.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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