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expanding to 1750/2000

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Basically as the title says, i currently usually play 1500 games but was looking to expand my list to 1750 and 2000

This is my current list

Farseer, doom, spear

8 howling banshees 128
exarch, mirrorblades, war shout, acrobatic 32
serpent, stones, eml

6 fire dragons
serpent, stones, eml


6 pathfinders

10 dire avengers
exarch, twin cats, bladestorm
serpent, stones, eml

10 storm guardians
2 with flamers
warlock, destructor, singing spear
serpent, stones, eml


with, twin flamers bright lance, eml

3 war walkers
scatter lasers

My main considerations were to replace my doomseer with eldrad for greater utility and probably add in a 3/4 strong jetbike squad with a cannon to give me a 4th troops for fast objective grabbing, my other main thought was possibly another wraithlord similar to the one I currently have in the list or possibly adding another war walker and making it 2 groups of 4

If this thread has turned up twice I apologise, I tried to make it last night but I can't see any sign of it just now

All feedback is welcome, both on my current list and my proposed expansions,
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Only have a moment before class, but looking over your idea eldrad certainly can't hurt anything but your opponent, and of the other option i'd throw in another wraithlord. 1 dies quite often for me..
Well I tested eldrad out in a game the other day and I have to say that I like him a lot so I think that he is a definite addition now

Having been reading around I am almost tempted to take a wave serpent full of scorpions but I feel that possibly an extra troop choice in the form of jetbikes would take priority

What are peoples views on the number of troops that you want in 1750/2000? Not played that size of game in a long, long time
I think it depends a bit on what those troops are and the style of the list you are playing. For instance, in mech lists, you will often see only three troop choices, but in hybrid lists you will usually see more as the there is more variety, and troop units can fill more roles.

But over all, at 2000 points you'll probably want at least three. If you have points to spare you can always toss in a jetbike squad for late game objective grabbing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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