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With facebook login you can login with your facebook account and merge it with your existing user account if you have any.

You can also login with other accounts than facebook, like Google, Yahoo or OpenID.


vBulletin Nexus User Instructions
Version 1.0
Logging in & Creating a New Account:

STEP 1) Click Facebook or Other Icons in the Navigation Bar to connect this website to your Facebook, Google or other account. A new window will pop up asking you to authorize this website as an application. Please note that at no time is your private data stored, collected or accessible by this website!

STEP 2) On the next screen, you will be prompted to Create a New User Account or Associate your Existing Forum user account to allow Facebook & Other logins. Enter a new user Display Name to create a new account, or Username and Password if you already have an account. Please note that your avatar or other private information is not transferred or available, only your display name will be shown publicly. You will be logged in after this screen.

STEP 3) Changing Facebook Feed Preferences and Adding an Email Address

In the vBulletin forum navigation bar, click "USER CP" to bring up User Options and Preferences screen. You will immediately see preference settings for Facebook feeds as well as an email address update prompt. If you are a new user - entered a valid email address will allow you to get site-specific updates, as well as successfully use this forum after cancelling your Facebook or Other service account(s).

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