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Fairly new player, 1500 Point Necron Army.

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Hey, I'm new here, and fairly new to 40K. This ia a list I've thrown together after looking on several different sites.

Necron Lord - 200
[Res. Orb, VoD]

11 Necron Warriors - 198
11 Necron Warriors - 198
11 Necron Warriors - 198

8 Immortals - 224

Fast Attack
4 Destroyers - 200

Heavy Support
1 Tomb Spyder - 55
1 Monolith - 235

Total Points - 1501
Total Necrons - 46
Phase Out - 11

This is an army list designed to do what Necrons do best: Shoot things until they're dead. The basic idea is to kit you Lord up with you Immortlas and 'port them around the field, causeing mayhem [ALso known as the Flying Circus]. Destroyers cover the flanks [or harass your opponents'], while the Spyder and 'Lith give you slow-moving trrops support. I hope you all find this list satisfactory, but please feel free to comment.
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I would always include a monolith, its just too good to ingnore.

To get the monolith I would drop probably the the immortals, with the free points add some warriors to the squads.

I personally don't like the VoD lord, I think its too risky and you may lose the ever important res. orb, I would kit the lord out with a phase shifter,res. orb, phlacetry and possibly a warscythe.

Use him to follow the warriors (to keep them alive) and to counter attack units that make your lines.

The monolith can be used to follow the block of warriors, making the even more resilient (especially when combined with the res. orb) or deep strike it behind enemy lines and use it to tear things up there.

I love destroyers and think you can never have enough, so I would keep them at all cost.

This is my advice, hope it helps.
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the only chages i would make is add more destroyers (but thats because i love em) but definatly add a monolith they are rock hard and allow you force to be more manuverable
Thanks both of you. I think I'll take The_Outsider's advice and drop the Immortals for a 'Lith and more Warriors/Destroyers. Thanks again, both of you.
ANy more comments?
only thing I reccomend is drop 1 spyder for disruption fields on the scarabs and another one
I dunno. I really like SPyders, partly because of their ability to give WBB support, and partly for their Monsterous Creature ability, and high Strenght, Toughness, and Wounds.
Any more ideas? I've edited out 3 Warriors, The Scarabs, and a Spyder to Include a Squad of 8 Immortals. I've decided to try out the famed Flying Circus. Please give me any help you have.
****ing spammers.
ANY more ideas?
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