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Lord Arkan the infinite (Khorne Lord) -- 165pts
Terminator Armour, Mark of Khorne, Combi-plasma gun, Daemon Weapon, Personal icon

High Prince Gelden (Daemon Prince) – 180pts
Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Gift of Chaos


Khorne Berzerkers (9 models) – 279pts
(x6) Bolt Pistols, (x8] close combat weps, (x3) Plasma pistols, (x1) power fist, Frag & Krak Grenades, skull champion w/ meltabombs
Dedicated Transport: Rhino – 50pts (extra armour)

Thousand Sons (9 models) – 297pts
(x8] Boltguns, aspiring sorcerer w/ bolt pistol, force wep, meltabombs, warptime


Chaos Terminators (6 models) – 375pts
(x6) champs, (x4) combi-meltaguns, (x1) reaper autocannon, (x1) Twin-linked bolter, (x1) power axe, (x2) power fist, (x2) chainfist, (x1) lightning claw, Mark of Khorne

Heavy Support

Mozzer (Defiler) – 155pts
(x2) Dreadnought close combat weps, (x1) battlecannon, (x1) reaper autocannon, (x1) havoc launcher, daemonic possession, smoke launchers, searchlight

1,501 points

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HQ: Loose one of them, probably the chaos Lord. In a 1500 point list you are short of troops and 2HQs is ok if they are kept cheap but yours are pricy. The Daemonprince would be a lot more effective with warptime.

Elites: Drop all the champion upgrades and the reaper autocannon. Buy more combiweapons (maybe a HF). You can make up for the loss in combat power by buying another few terminators but I would keep the unit at 6 and spend the points elsewhere. It is possible to have a termie unit made too powerful and then it becomes a points sink.

Troops: Berserkers are ok but drop the plasma pistols especially from the champion who is too valuable to loose to an overheat. Combimelta/plasma on the rhino is a safer bet.
Thousand sons are great but swap warptime for doombolt (possibly gift of chaos).

Heavy: 2xCCW always. If the battlecannon is shot off just fleet into combat.

All these savings I have suggested should net you about 300 points. Spend them on 10 CSM with IoCG, 2 meltas, PF, Rhino. The remaining points could buy you an extra termie or berserker or try to shave a few more points and buy a single obliterator to deepstrike and multimelta something.
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