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Map = 16. Picnic Spot

First Turn = DavidVC04

Herr Ernst Kartoffelkopf's Gunning Duelists

General of the Empire @ 216
General; Barding; Full Plate Armor; Shield; Warhorse; Runefang

Captain @ 145
Pistol; Full Plate Armor; Battle Standard
Griffon Standard

Battle Wizard @ 115
Magic Level 1
2 Dispel Scrolls

Warrior Priest of Sigmar @ 138
Prayers of Sigmar; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour
Icon of Magnus
Sigil of Sigmar

24 Swordsmen @ 269
Full Command
Detachment - 10 Swordsmen
Detachment - 5 Handgunners

24 Swordsmen @ 229
Full Command
Detachment - 10 Swordsmen

20 Greatswords @ 290
Full Command
Detachment - 10 Swordsmen

10 Huntsmen

5 Black Knights of Morr @ 195
Full Command
War Banner

10 Handgunners @ 105
Hochland Long Rifle

10 Handgunners @ 105
Hochland Long Rifle

5 Pistoliers @ 132
Repeater Pistol

1 Great Cannon

1 Helblaster Volley Gun

Casting Pool: 3

Dispel Pool: 4 + 2 dispel scrolls

Models in Army: 156

Runefang: All hits wound automatically, no armour saves allowed

Griffon Standard: Ranks count double, up to a maximum of +6

Icon of Magnus: Mag res 1

Sigil of Sigmar: Immune to fear


Wood Elves

Findul, Lord of the Piney Glen. Findul rides a long-time ally of the Wood Elves, the noble Great Eagle Bene-Talus. Findul wields a spear, the Enchanted Shield, light armor, the Bow of Loren, and the Arcane Bodkins, which pass with eldritch ease through the strongest armor.

Osage the Many-Thorned, Branchwraith of Athel Loren. Osage has dwelled far longer than any Asrai in the shadowed woods of Athel Loren. Only Drycha does she fear. She wields a cluster of malevolents and uses the Lore of Athel Loren. Level 1 wizard.

Teddril Kel-Isha, Spellsinger of the Piney Glen. Teddril serves Lord Findul as a liasion to Osage and the other forest spirits. He wields two dispel scrolls and uses the Lore of Athel Loren. Level 1 wizard.

Thalis Arahain, Scout of the Piney Glen. Thalis serves Lord Findul by leading his cohorts on scouting expeditions. None know the hidden paths and groves of the Piney Glen better than Thalis. He wields the Hail of Doom Arrow, light armour and shield

Lord Findul's Bowmen
10 Glade Guard with musician

10 Glade Guard with musician

10 Glade Guard

Thalis's Scouts
7 Glade Guard Scouts with musician

Riders of the Piney Glen
6 Glade Riders with musician

Handmaidens of Osage
8 Dryads

8 Dryads

Worshippers of Loec
7 Wardancers with musician

7 Wardancers with musician

The Spears of Kurnous
6 Wild Riders with Wild Hunter, musician, standard bearer, and War Banner

The Perilous Pines
3 Treekin

Bena-Talus Great Eagle. Bena follows her mate Bene-Talus into battle, a loyal in death as in life.

Hail of Doom Arrow: One use only. Fires 3D6 magical arrows

Bow of Loren: Model may fire as many arrows as they have attacks

Cluster of Malevolence: 6” range. D6 str 2 poisoned shots that hit on 4+ (may stand and shoot)

Arcane Bodkins: Arrows ignore armour saves

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Okay, here we go, swntzu. :)

Good luck to you.

My strategy.

Against Shooting
First, I'll place my free wood to foul his LoS from that nice big, juicy hill. Second his cannon's only worthwhile target is my treekin. He can snipe at them all he wants. As long as I don't present a flank, he can only pick off one a turn, and that's if I fail my ward save. Third, I have plenty of fast units to deal with them. Even if he castles around the hill, he won't stop two eagles, scouts, and two fast cav units from getting to them at some point.

Also, my archers will first work at eliminating his handgunners. I can fire at him from outside his range. Even if his blackpowder charge lets him pop a few archers the first turn, that's only good for that first turn. After that, I sit outside his range and dump 30 shots into a unit of gunners until it's gone. And then I work on the next unit. 15 should hit. 7.5 wounds on average. That means one dead unit of handgunners in two turns of shooting.

The Hail of Doom Arrow should eliminate the Huntsmen. 10 shots on average from 3 dice. Hitting on 2's at short range, even against skirmishers. 8 shots will hit on average. With str 4, 5 or 6 should die. Dryads or skirmishers can clean up the rest, if they pass their panic test so far from their general.

His Cavalry
My lord will pick at them for the entire game if needed since his arrows ignore armor. As they are toughness 3, his str 3 shots should wound 1 or 2 per turn, at least. He hits on 2's at long range. He's taken out multiple units of chaos knights in good games. One unit of 5 knights shouldn't be a problem, even if they are toughness 4.

He can deal with the pistoliers next if needed. Otherwise, dryads, flyers, or fast cav will elmiinate the pistoliers.

His Ranked Units
With the handgunners gone, my archers will destroy the detachments of what I deem to be the most vulnerable ranked unit, the one I hope to pounce with my wild riders, dryads, treekin, and/or wardancers. Otherwise, I will largely ignore these.

As for the general, if he pops it in the knights, he's toast. My highborn will get him, too, with the arcane bodkins.

I probably won't tangle with the BSB's unit unless I can send in a kamikaze to drop him, like dryads or wardancers with killing blow.

His Magic
Three of my units have magic resistance (1). Plus, I have five dispel dice and 2 scrolls. That's enough to deal with the worst of his magic. Also, I won't be casting any spells. Even if I let him have his priest's bound spells, I'll use my power dice to dispel his remains in play. Since his magic defense is relatively weak, I might even get to cast treesinging once or twice to some effect.

By killing detachments, handgunners, war machines, knights, pistoliers, and a unit of swordsmen I can go on to claim a victory by seizing 1 or 2 table quarters, capturing standards if the opportunity presents itself, or even his general. Having first turn will mean a lot. I'll keep it and let my shooting go to work early on his handgunners. Also, it will let me get to his huntsmen before they get to me.


I've had enough!
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I'm going to give one to the wood elves

I think suppier range, and shooting on the move will eliminate the empire shooting with ease, The Lord setup will also make short work of the Knights of Morr, making them pretty useless in 12 rounds. The fact David has 1st turn helps a lot, too.

When it's combat time, the WE's should be able to out manouver the empire block, setting up flank charges and such in true WE style.

Regards, Tim

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I know how much the BoL and Arcane Bodkins will tear up the Knights. A huge amount of easy VPs just there.

Another thing is that there are some things that you just have to add against Woodies if you want to win, such as X-Bows, Mortars, direct damage spells that can be expected to get off and other such things. I see that swntzu has none of them.

Dave has range on them unless swntzus' Wizard picks from the Lore of Heavens AND rolls a DD spell. The HB will only be a threat when Dave decides it to be.

One mistake I see is his inability to rate the WPs Bound spells. Soulfire will crush (or rather, burn) the Tree Spirits.

Thus, I can't see the Empire winning easily.


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Im going to give this one to the Wood Elves. Admitteldy they dont have much terrain to advance through and restrict targets, but at the same time the Empire really has limited killing potential. Next to no magic, and the Warmachines wont be the most effective ones for this game. Basically it will be a game played mostly at range, and the Elves have the upper hand there.

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Okay. Poor form on voting before my tactics are up but fair enough. Here they come:

To counter yet another bad matchup, I will take the fight to the standing on the hill. My two war machines will deploy on the top with a commanding view of the battlefield. If a nasty wood comes up, well that also blocks his line of sight, which is fine by me.

This will force him to come close and into the range of my handgunners (who will flank the war machines) and eliminate his advantage of range. The hochland rifles will be picking off those pesky long characters and the units will shoot at anything in sight. I don't see much lasting long against my guns.

The pistoliers will deploy in the middle to prevent any silly scout attack. They will zip around gunning things down when they can. My huntsmen will attempt to disrupt the wood elf line and try to harass the tree kin.

My lord and knights will skulk around waiting for the perfect charge. The dryads will have to come to me so I will make it my top priority to charge them with my knights. The majority of my army will deploy in front of my warmachines and wear out any pesky S3 shooting. any attempt to get close will result in a charge from my knights(who will deploy alongside).

Magic is negligible but I will be using lore of fire to gain fireball. Admittedly this will hardly ever go off but dryads beware! The priest will pray first in an attempt to draw out dispel dice,

That's it. One last thing: If the eagle pops out to shoot at me, I'll cannon him in the face! :p
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