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I'm unsure of a few things and i have my first game tomorrow, if anyone could help i'd be very pleased.

Is it better to raise zombies or to add skeletons to your skeleton units?

How would using summon undead horde on a blood knight unit work? would they just regain 3 models at the most?

Can you cast Invocation of Nehek more than once per turn with the same vampire?

How do you make a combat heavy vamp lord? no idea what i would give him, too much choice.


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this would fit better in the general vampire counts discussion, but I'll answer it ;)

skeletons or zombies depends on the situation I guess.

You can only heal one blood knight back since it's a vampire unit. You have to distribute all the other wounds from the spell over other units / characters.

"a wizard can cast a necromancy spell more than once in a magic phase, and may even cast it several times upon the same unit."
This is an exact quote from the book; it's on page 38 and answers the question :)

For your last question: a good combat vampire lord build is
level 3 upgrade
red fury
infinite hatred
walking death
blood drinker
walach's bloody hauberk
black periapt
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