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What are Hemlocks, Annihilators, and Violators? Someone mentioned these names in a post I saw recently

Can the Pistol in the Tormentor Helm be fired as well as another Shooting weapon, by the same figure in the same Shooting Phase. The text in the Codex would imply so, but is there a rules clarification anywhere?


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Only vehicles can fire more than one weapon type per turn. In the shooting phase you have to chose one of your ranged weapons to fire. In the the case of a Lord with a 2 handed Punisher (a CC wepaon) then obviously he would fire the Tormentor Helm because he has no other guns. But for a model with say a Blaster and a Tormentor Helm you're better off firing the Blaster (not that you would ever want to pair these two items on one model but it could be done).
In CC the Tormentor Helm is treated like having a pistol in your off hand. It grants an additional attack (but only if you don't already have a pistol). For example if you have Agonizer, Pistol, Tormentor Helm you get no added benefit. If you Had Agonizer, Poisoned Blades, tormentor Helm then you could fire the helm in the shooting phase and gain an extra attack witht he Agonizer in CC but it would not affect the poisoned blades (as per the posioned blade special rules). And, as stated, if used with a 2 handed weapon it confers the extra attack.
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