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Fex pics of VC and BS

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Fex pics with VC and BS

Hey all, i'm about to go and get another fex and equip it with VC and BS. I've heard it's hard ot make look good (holding the two guns), so could people with those configurations post some pics or links to pics for me to have a look at?
Thanks heaps.
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i just finished today puting my fex in that postion, as soon as i get my camra to work, ill post pics. The Barbed Strangler is raised over the fexs head
I have one done here. I have since done another conversion, but just using a different head and the actual barbed strangler from the new box (rather than a converted strangler). I'll try to take a picture of that.

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Took those pictures quickly. I am in the middle of painting it and so have based and applied a wash to the model, so it is (unfortunately) at its darkest. Putting the barbed strangler on the opposite side was really easy. I cut and worked down the ball mounting point, then created a new one on the opposite side with greenstuff. I put post in the center of the new ball, to give some mechanical strength to the joint - I was worried about the greenstuff letting go after a time.

I had also cut and done some greenstuff work on the elbow of the arm holding the venom cannon. I wanted it to be more outstretched. The normal bend of that elbow is about 90, I cut it down to more like 45.
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That's really Cool. Thanks for the pics and advice, it's really helped.
Thanks for that, that was great. I've made mine now and wasn't as hard as i thought. It looks very similiar to yours Dreachon, but the guns are more aiming forward.

Hey Dreachon, the texture on the carapce of the front plate, is that just using one of the backs supplied? it looks cool. I might try somehting to get EC and reinforced chitin.

Thanks everyopne for all ya imput :)
yep, that's the spinebanks on the front, Looking forward to your model.
how do u guys make you models look SO shiney!(i dont know i just like shiney)
i have matt varnish but is it an ink or sumthing?
There's a gloss varnish that you can use. My own models are matte finished with some gloss to highlight certain areas.
i dont think the store i go to sells em...:(
Well, might as well trying asking the employees, or go to another store. If all else fails you might be able to find something at a general arts & crafts store.
You should be ale to get it from most craft/painting stores, GW also sells a gloss varnish.
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