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Hey all! I've been very much out of the Warhammer loop for quite some time, and have noticed that my very favorite army has been updated! So I decided I'd see if I could make a 1500 point army list using things I have, and one or two that I don't. I have more models than listed here (excluding two more lictors and the Tervigon, of course), and eagerly await yall's response.

Prime- Pair of Boneswords, Scything Talons (attached to the CC warrior brood below)
Tervigon- Cluster Spines, Scything Talons.

Lictors- 3.
Zoanthropes- 2. Mycetic Spore, Venomcannon.

Warriors- 3. Scything Talons, Scything Talons.
Warriors- 3. Scything Talons, Devourers.
Termagants- 18. Spike Rifles.
Hormagaunts- 20.
Genestealers- 8 + 1 Broodlord.
Genestealers- 8.
Ripper Swarms- 5. Tunnel.

Heavy Support
Biovores- 2.

So: Competitive yet fun? I'm fairly confident in the army's strength and entertainment value, and I can think of several different tactics I could employ with it. I look forward to seeing yall's ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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Well first, welcome back to the hobby!

And im sorry to kill the mood before it starts, but you have 7 troops, when the limit is 6. You could have 8, if you made the tervigon a troops choice aswell.

The actuall list is looking good, considering you want to maintain that fun aspect aswell, but theres one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, and thats the collosal lack of anti-tank. When that zoanthrope squad goes down, its as good as game over.

When you say youve been out of the loop for quite some time, i presume were talking pre-5th edition? If so what you might not know is that Vehicles, and in particular transports, are the flavor of the day. So you need to be able to take care of them in order to have a decent game, doubly so for nids because we havnt got as widespread anti-tank as most armys do.

However this convinently isnt that much of a bother for you, youve got a few units you dont need and the ideal solution is cheap and effective. Drop your stealer squad that dosnt have a broodlord, aswell as those rippers, and buy yourself 3 hive guard.

As for the rest of the list, a few minor tweaks here and there should set you straight. First up, combine those warriors into one large squad, give them boneswords, but leave the devourers on. Youll be pleasently surprised at the damage 6 warriors can do with BS4, then a Power weapon fulled frenzy of assault. More-so with the prime involved.

Speaking of, give him the lash whip and Bonesword option, and use him as an assasin of sorts, to kill opposing characters.

You really dont need spike rifles on your guants, they dont bring a lot to the unit, and just heap on the costs.

Your Hormaguants want toxin sacs, which make them very dangerous. So does your tervigon, to give the effect to nearby guants.

Biovores are nice, but i wouldnt bother if you face many mounted/mechanised lists. Theyre great for killing infantry in footslogger lists, but really struggle when you have to get the opponent out of a transport first.

Id also condier dropping that tervgion and a lictor to buy yourself a Trygon, cant go wrong with these guys, theyre just awsome.

Thats about all, so ill wish you good luck, and welcome back! :beer:

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Unless your running a nidzilla list no to the rippers. Genestealers are good. Not sure about the spike rifles on the termagaunts I think fleshborers work just fine. Biovores are pretty handy at killing infantry. Scything Talons on the Warriors are not good. Just one set is fine. You want them to be able to shoot to because they are already CC beasts. Lictors can work if used right. Zoans need to be bumped to three. Also I suggest Hive Tyrant with HC because then you can outflank the hormies.

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Welcome back to Nids!

The list looks pretty decent, just combine the Warriors and get rid of the Rippers. You need to get some more anti tank for redunancy, even with the suggested third Zoanthrope for the pod, you need a backup plan for at least medium armor. Another TMC or some Hive Guard could do well for that.

I've never really like how the Spike Rifles work, the added strength of the Fleshborers for cheaper cost definitely is worth the reduced range. Gaunts for me are just a tar pit unit, so the less points the better.
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