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Finally, after far too long, I've created my first Lizardmen Army List.

It is 2,500 points. It is my first Warhammer Fantasy Battles list. I only have 2 more skink squads than are listed in the list, but I'm looking to get a Saurus on a Carnosaur and a squad of Salamanders.

Looking at this list, I don't know what I'd cut to make the list less expensive, for an intro game that isn't 3 hours long.

I guess I could cut a squad of cavalry, the 16 man saurus squad, and the cube of darkness Skink, but the rest I like too much to cut.

Here it is. As with all of my army lists, any responses will be welcomed with Rep.

Lizardman 2,500 Point Army List

Saurus Oldblood:
Glyph Necklace, Blade of Revered Tzunki, Shield, Light Armor, Blessed Spawning of Itzl, Blessed Spawning of Quetzl, Blessed Spawning of Sotek, Cold One. 323 points.

Skink Priest Alpha:
2 Dispel Scrolls. 115 points.

Skink Priest Beta:
Cube of Darkness. 105 points.

Saurus Scar-Veteran:
Sword or the Hornet, Talisman of Protection, Blessed Spawning of Quetzl, Shield, Light Armor, Battle Standard. 169 points.

Saurus Warrior Squad Alpha:
20 Saurus, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion. 270 points.

Saurus Warrior Squad Beta:
20 Saurus, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion. 270 points.

Saurus Warrior Squad Gamma:
16 Saurus, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion. 222 points.

Skink Skirmisher Squad Alpha:
13 Skinks, Brave. Scouts. 95 points.

Skink Skirmishers Squad Delta
12 Skinks, Brave, Javelins. 77 Points.

Special Units:
Saurus Cavalry Squad Alpha:
8 Riders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion. 330 points.

Saurus Cavalry Squad Beta:
8 Riders, Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion. 330 points.

Kroxigor Squad Alpha:
3 Kroxigor, ancient. 194 points.
Total Points: 2,500

Probable opponents: All of them. In particular are all of them. (I have a very diverse gaming group).

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The only thing I am not sure about are the champs on the skink units, and the way the saurus cavalry are set up.

I would personally have 1 unit of 5 to put the lord in, and another unit of 6 for the other flank, perhaps with only musicians and champs, so there are not standards for a cheap cav kill.

This would allow you another unit of 3 kroxigors with no champ, if you drop the original krox champ.

Hope this helps

ninja out
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Alright, a few comments:

-The 16 man Saurus unit and 8 man Saurus cav units really look out of place. Ranks are 5 wide in 7th edition (they were only 4 wide in 6th) so those units won't get full ranks. Here's what I would do to fix this (this will have a bit of a domino effect on the rest of the list):

-Take the 16 man saurus unit and get rid of it. That frees up 222 points.

-Get rid of the skink braves (they only add attacks for close combat, and if your skinks are in CC, they are dead) and take 3 skinks out of the 13 man unit, bringing them down to 10. 250 points.

-Add another scouting 10 man skink unit in with blowpipes. 180 points

-Rearrange the 2 Saurus Cav units into a unit of 9 and unit of 6. Give the unit of 9 full command and Huanchi's Blessed Totem. Give the unit of 6 a champ and musician. The lord will ride will the unit of 9 as well to make them 10 strong. This gives you a 10 man saurus cav unit that will be able to go up the middle and hit things very very hard. The 6 man unit is perfect for flanking. Net gain of 15 points brings us up to 195 points.

-Add in a unit of 3 Salamander Huniting Packs and you have a now have the exact same number of points you started with, but a much stronger list imo. However since you said you don't have the sallies yet...

-Drop the Krox Ancient. 215 points.

-With the addition of the 3rd unit of skinks, we now don't need the saurus as core units anymore. So lets make them either special or rare and beef them up with some spawnings. Personally I would add the Blessed Spawning of Tepok to each unit as you are light on dispel dice, especially for 2500 points. Each Saurus unit is now special. However that would push you over the limit on special units, so lets add another spawning to one of them. Give them the Blessed Spawning of Quetzel and make one rare. So we now have one saurus unit with the BSoTepok (special) and one with BSoQuetzel and BSoTepok (rare). 125 points remaining.

-Add 5 Saurus to each Saurus unit. 5 points remaining.

Voila done again :).

Hope that was of some help.
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