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With the new overhaul of the Forums area. It seems there are some problems with existing functionality.

The Find all posts link in the members area, only locates the posts since the upgrade. I've checked mine, and other random users.
If this is intended, my apologies for the false issue.

Also, I am unable to locate a similar function that was available from before, Find all threads started by <user>. There used to be a link for it in each of the member areas. Also the Statistics area seem ultra thin. Only able to see the list of 10 latest Reputation gains.

I was in the habit of referencing my old threads as a look up. Again if its gone, no worries. Just thought I'd mention a few functions I noticed missing.


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Hi mate

My search for user posts AND threads have all gone... the search says "sorry, nothing found"

I have painstakingly gone thru many pages of forum threads and found some of my posts and threads, so they do exist... just can't search for them

Makes it very difficult to stay ontop of chatting

I also have an unbelievabe number of visitors to my profile, which all but a few are bogus (hacking / virus comes to mind)

Regards Mik
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