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Fire anyone?

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I am recently returned to the hobby and am buildingh my very own WAAAAAAAAAAGH! Now the theme behind my army is... lots and lots and lots of FIRE!!!!!!!! Now I'm looking for some input on what I should take to get the maximum effect from this army, soo.... help me?
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Give anyone who can't have a Burna a combi-scorcha, have a big mek with burna, have lots of small-ish boyz mobs with 3 burnas in each, maybe some buggies with scorchas as well?

You'd want to avoid stuff that can't take many special weapons like trukk boys, and just fill all available spots with fire.
Loot a Hellhound, doesn't get hotter than that...
and skorcha's are nice and you can make quite a number of nasty looking flame equipped vehicles.
Also lot's of flames on the vehicles as well.
Combination of everyone above. Loot a hellhound and give everyone that can some kind of flame weapon, burnas for all da boyz and scorchas on every vehicle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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