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Fire Support: Predator or Defiler

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Ok, I plan on building a World Eaters army and want to have some fire support. The proimary role of this fire support would be to help me deal with AV12+ skimmers, like Falcons and Hammerheads.

Orriginaly thought of a Predator with all around Lascannons. But, I also want it to be durable and versitile to I would give it Parassitic Possession and Demonic Possession. This brings the cost to 185 points. A little more then I orriginaly would like to spend but I could work with that.

Then I thought of the Defiler. While not as good at tank hunting as a 3-Las-Pred, it's Battle Cannon can easily switch over to thin our Marine Squads pretty good. That would give my Bezerkers that extra edge in combat. All I would give it would be Parassitic Possession in case the Battle Cannon gets blown off. That brings it's point cost to only 170 points.

However, I can decide on the two.

-Heavier Armor
-More, higher strength, shots.
-Better chace of destroying a vehicle
-Less expensive to buy
-More points
-Can't multi task

-Can cut through densly packed power armor like a hot knife through butter
-Ordenance weapon can vaporise transports and it's contents
-Multy role
-Less points
-More of a World Eaters look
-More expence to buy
-Not very useful against AV13 and practicly useless against AV14
-Weaker armor value

Can any vetran players tell me from their experiance which is better:
-2 Preds as described
-2 Defilers as described
-1 of each

Here's a list of what else is in the Army. My goal is to make a list that can stand a chance against any type of list.

Daemon Prince of Khorne:
MoK, Demonic Stature, Demonic Speed, Dark Blade, Demonic Aura, Demonic Resilience, Feel no Pain, Demonic Strength, Frag Grenades, Teleport Homer, CCW

Chosen Terminators:
-AC: Lightning Claws, Lightning Claw
-x5: Lightning Claws
-x2: Chainfists


Khorne Bezerkers:
AC: Khornate Chain Axe, Powerfist, Demonic Strength, Talisman of Burning Blood
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well, i personally would go for defilers. but thats just because theyre awesome.

give the defiler mutated hull (the one that gives it +1 AV on all sides) and itll be really durable.

plus, CC... i mean... whats the pred gonna do if it gets caught by something nasty? run away?

the def. can be a CC beast if it has to be.

idk mayb i just like them...
Well I'd go with 1 of each or 2 preds.

Although the preds are more points, I think that they make up for them. If you want them to be soley for taking out armour then they will do a lot better then a defiler would do.

Also, sense your army will be far up the field trying to assault, a battle cannon on the defiler could hit your own troops which woudn't be good.

It depends on what the vehicle's main role will be. If you need anti armor more, go with the pred, if you need something to take out infantry, take the defiler. Btw, I would never take a defiler without either mutated hull, or indirect fire. Never both, but always one. Personally, I have 2 pred's and a defiler in my list, simply because it is hard to decide, and both do their job very well.
Soviet_Tau_Commander said:
All I would give it would be Parassitic Possession in case the Battle Cannon gets blown off. That brings it's point cost to only 170 points.
Remember that Parasitic Possession has two costs - one for expensive vehicles, one for cheaper. The Defiler just falls into the "expensive" category, so that cost would actually be 190 points, not 170. That will probably significantly influence your decision.

As for my own preferences, I would go with Predators. I have two reasons -

1) I believe that Indirect firing Ordnance does not belong in a Close Combat army. I really hate when my Ordnance scatters into my own troops - don't you? However, I notice that you make no mention of taking Indirect Fire. That would be a mistake - Defilers have extremely low survivability rates, and the best way to keep them alive is to hide them and just use Indirect Fire.

2) You have plenty of anti-infantry potential in your troops. After all, once those Berzerkers hit close combat, what's going to stop them? Anti-tank is your weak point, which is why Predators would be more suited to a World Eaters army.
is it a typo when it says the minimum indirect range for a defiler is 36"? That seems too prohibitive for the amount of acclaim defilers with indirect recieve...

That said, a couple of predators would be much more suited for an anti-tank role in a CC army. None of that pesky "scattering into your own troops" nonsense. You don't get ordinance damage tables, but you'll get more penetrating hits from the sheer number of lascannon shots.
If you're concerned about the price of the predator (in points) and are mostly worried about medium skimmers then you are going to be most concerend about the quantinty of shots that will at least glance. (cause that's all you're gonna get on them) Because of this I strongly reccomend using the autocannon/lascannon predator. you'll save some points, and get the exactly the same number of glancing hits. They're still pretty effecient vs heavier tanks cause they still have 2 lascannons.

The defiler also really should have inderect fire or mutated hull to make it more survivable. That both raises the point cost, and the ability to survive enemy fire.

If you're going to have 2 I reccomend at least one preadator for the stated purpose you want the tank to do. A defiler with indirect can be handy shooting over your CC's so I recomend that for your second unless you face a lot of those skimmer tanks, in wich case I sugest going for two predators.
Overall the preds have a much better servie record but when considering how both of them fit with your army keep in mind that ordnance rolls two d6 and takes the highest for tank hunting, making it effective for tank hunting as well.

But like it has been mentioned a bad scatter is not what a low-model-count army like khorne needs.
I think you should go with a defiler. I mean fluffwise, they look like the most khronate heavy support. With all the the charp stuff and metal appendages, it really would fit in nicely with a world eaters army.
I believe this thread has helped me alot. I was orriginaly leaning twoards the Preds and I think I'll stay with them. I hadn't even thought about what would happen if I got a bad scatter onto my own troops.

Thanks to everyone for all their help.
I've been thinking the same thing all week and I too would go for two preds. The only reason I ever played a defiler was because i got one in an ebay auction with a ton of other stuff.

I also field a single destroyer dread with two CC weapons when using two preds - gotta use up that last heavy slot with somthing!
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