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Hey there!

First list as a High Elf - usually Empire.

I'm planning out how to create a High Elf collection and this seemed like a smart start. Unfortunately I've only got a copy of 7th edition Army Book so if you could excuse any glaring mistakes or set me on the right track I'd be very appreciative.

Barded Elven Steed
Heavy Armour
Gem of Hoeth

20 x Lothern Sea Guard
Full Command


5 x Silver Helms
Full Command

5 x Ellyrian Reavers

Lion Chariot of Chrace


Repeater Bolt Thrower

Great Eagle

... I enjoy the flexibility in this list as well as it's maneuvaribility and I know it will take a while to get my hands on but I'd like some input.

Thank You.

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Hey there! So for one, this is really a topic that should go into the Army List discussion thread. Two, I've got to say that there really isn't any flexibility in your list as is. You have 31 models, one RBT and one eagle... and no Wizard! For 1,000 points. At T3, you will lose those 31 bodies in two turns. Also you have no magic. And, unfortunately, you have several redundant choices in your list. Not your fault; you're new!

High Elves pay dearly for any ranged options in our book. Your bow-wielding spearmen can't use their bows when they're doing their jobs as spearmen - leave them out. You need a hammer for the anvil of your chariot/Silver Helms, and so therefore you want the Sea Guard to be in melee combat - NOT shooting from afar. Save yourself the, what, 60 points or so and put those points to more bodies.

Silver Helms are a Core choice in our current book (as are the Reavers, actually), so you've got a few options on how to fill out your Core requirement. Either go anvil-Core with Spearmen, or go hammer-Core with Silver Helms. Whichever route you decide, your Special choices will normally reflect your selection. Spearmen like the hammers of White Lions or Dragon Princes. Silver Helms like the anvils of White Lions or Phoenix Guard. Want to build on a budget? Go White Lions. You can take them in ANY list because they're the closest thing we've got to a unit auto-include.

Reavers and Great Eagles do the same thing. Pick one or the other. Reavers do it slightly better, but birds are birds. Your choice.

Our combat characters will not stand up to the combat characters of other armies. If you're gonna have a combat character, make it a BSB. Either way, you're going to want a Wizard. It'll be your general and let you defend against magic. I'd leave your Noble at home. Besides, at 1,000 points, I personally love a simple Lv1 Mage rocking Lore of Fire, and just use him as a big Fireball-hurling death machine. At 1,000 points it's relatively easy to win back his points, I've found, AND it lets you focus your points on more bodies.

For the RBTS, I'd either go big on shooting (RBTS + Sisters of Avelorn, don't worry about the other shooting options) or none at all. I think you'll be doing yourself a big favor with that.

So... to recap! Leave your Noble, take a Mage instead. Leave your Sea Guard, take Silver Helms or Spearmen instead. Leave your Lion Chariot, take White Lions or Phoenix Guard instead. Pick Reavers or Eagle. Leave the RBT out of it. Oh, and don't worry about full commands - just take the standard (except for Reavers [take the musician, no standard] or a "bunker" for your mage [take a champion to absorb challenges]). With that advice in mind, you should find yourself able to duke it out against even hordes of Warriors or Lizardmen and still be able to put up a fight. It sucks being outnumbered as it is, so it's best to not make it worse. Afterall, Skaven and Vampire Counts can easily put over 100 models on the field at 1,000 points and your 30 really will be hard pressed to keep up.

Good luck! Hope I've been of some help!
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