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With school and stuff i haven't had a lot of time to play lately:0 but here is my first attempt at a 1500 list with the new rules.


Chaos Sorcerer
-mark Tzeentch
-term Armor
-wind of chaos
205 points


5 Terminators
-powerfist/combi melt
-combi flam
210 points

5 Possessed
130 points

-plasma cannon
105 points


10 CSM
AC-powerfist/combi melt
-2 plasma gun
240 points

8 KB
SC-power fist
-personal icon
-extra armor
278 points

5 Raptors
AC-lighting claws
-2 melta
165 points

5 Havocs
-4 missile launcher
165 points

For a grand total of 1498 if you have some suggestions on this list and what units i need to round out at 2000 i would appreciate the input.

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Although I am not a veteran of hundreds of Warhammer battles, I'll do my best to give you some outside feedback on your list.

First up, your HQ. He is viciously expensive while also being rather slow. Even if you decide to have him joining the Terminators, they will be far too slow to ever make good use of his warptime/wind of chaos combo. And if your plan was to deep strike them both together, that is another risk in itself as BOTH units MUST arrive on the same turn, otherwise they will be forcibly separated. And a separated T4 character worth over 200 points... well yes, you get the picture. :?

Continuing on your HQ, he is also a non-scoring unit. This is the great plus of the Daemon Princes, which your current leader out point-costs by quite a margin, unless you go for a similar setup but in Daemon form:

Daemon Prince
-mark of Tzeentch
-wind of chaos
205 points.

I think that this HQ will be far more deadly and versatile, frankly. Of course, he is a visible target but a tough one at that!

Moving on to your Terminators, they look like you plan on them to go footslogging across the field, am I right? What with the reaper anyway. If not you should exchange it for a heavy flamer, weighing in at one fifth of the reaper's cost it will serve you better in a deep striking role. The assorted combi-weapons are humble and mellow, they'll do well given the right conditions.

The Possessed looks like an after thought without a transport. Those 130 points could do well in other parts of the list, which I will get to in a little bit.

The Dreadnought, while armed with the devastating plasma cannon, is a liability in that it could possibly just pivot on it's spot and fire the weapon at your own forces, twice. You do not want a pair of S7 AP2 blasts hitting your infantry, not to mention your possibly footslogging Terminators. The Dreadnought configuration I would recommend would be having it with a pair of close combat weapons, one of the arms incorporating a heavy flamer, and then exchange the bolter-arm with a missile launcher. It will turn out at the exact same points cost with the added perk of the missile launcher being able to fire frag missiles at yourself, reducing the risk it presents.

The Marine squad looks good, although I would say that they'd need a Rhino transport. Should you give them a transport, look into exchanging the plasma guns for something else, as they will not allow you to charge into combat on the same turn that you use them.

The Berzerkers looks great, goodie goodie. Another pair of them could be added though, bringing the squad total to 10 members.

Your Raptors need more members, either 1 or 3 I would say. And also, I advice you to switch the 'claws on the champion for a power fist. It really is that potent. It also fits in better with the meltaguns as an anti-tank weapon.

Now, the Havocs are in desparate need of more members. All it takes is one casualty and then you will start losing the big guns!

I would say that you should drop the Possessed in order to give the Havocs more marines (say...8?), increase the Raptor unit by 1 soldier and provide a Rhino for your Marine squad.

Hear this out, I have managed to calculate up what I am talking about.

-drop the Possessed squad.
-exchange the plasma guns in the Marine squad for meltaguns.

+add a rhino to the Marine squad.
+add 3 members to the Havoc squad.
+add 1 member to the Raptor squad.
+add 2 members to the Berzerker squad.

This will land in at 132 points all in all, bringing you to 1500 points on the spot!

To end my gargantuan post, I would like to say that I in no way intend to change your list around without your liking. It is your list and yours alone, the advice I have supplied just shows what *I* would have done if given the option to change it. :happy:

Hope I have helped.

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Echo all the above. Rep to Mwab.

The Missile launcher dread is in my view a poor substitute. It is a shame the rules for the chaos dread were made so deadly that nobody takes them anymore. I have used a plasma dread in conjunction with plague marines and it has worked quite well. The Feel no pain on the plague marines usually keeps the casualties low. You can see it coming as the fire frenzey occurs at the begining of the turn giving you time to move the plague marines in a way that the blast marker can only get one chap. Then you prey the dread rolls a few misses and that your FNP and any cover saver you can get will work.

Have you thought about replacing the dread with 1 or 2 obliterators. They can use their plasma cannon and have the flexibility of other weapons and a poossible teleport. A 2+/5+ save and 2 wounds is probably about the same as AV12 on the dread for survivability. They are also a lot more reliable in terms of charging when you don't want to or shooting your own side.

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Thanks for the replies and i think you are right on my army lists. My only problem with being in school right now is moneys a little short so i am using mini's i already have. And the way i have them modeled limits my choice. So as to the HQ choice i do need to cut some points off of him, and maybe give him a icon just in case i decide to deep strike the termis. As to the demon prince i would rather use one but the model i have now does not have wings which was not a problem in my old list because i just gave him demonic speed. Which in retrospect i wish i would have model him with wings seeing how GW's policy with bits has limited my modeling:X .The possessed was an after thought that i will drop and add more models to the KB and Havoc's . Moving forward to the dreadnought the new rules made me fear him almost as much as my opponent but seeing back when i had money i bought the forge world model and he looks to good and cost to much to leave in my bag so i guess ill deal with him;? I do have a defiler, land raider and Furies but with the new rules my demons was one of my best squads and is now almost useless in my opinion So if you guys have anymore idea's with the models i have i am all ears.
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