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I've been playing with the Empire for some time now, but I'm not a very experienced player (I haven't had many battles), so recently I decided to make my first proper army list.

This army isn't based on any particular army theme - just an empire army that could work against most opponents and armies

I was just wondering if any of you guys could help me and tell me if it's any good or not, and if you could give me any advice on how to improve it.

Empire General - barded warhorse, shield
Dawn Armour
Silver Horn
Sword of Might
Talisman of Protection
Warrior Priest - great weapon
armour of meteoric iron
icon of magnus
Captain - Battle Standard Bearer
full plate armour
sword of justice
Level 2 Battle Wizard - rod of power
Lore of Shadows
= 150pts
Core Units
10 halberdiers - detachment
= 50pts
10 free company militia - detachment
= 50pts
5 handgunners - detachment
= 40 pts
10 handgunners - marksman(hochland long rifle)
= 85pts
20 spearmen - full command
= 120pts
20 swordsmen - full command
= 145pts
Special Units
5 outriders - outrider champion
= 121pts
2 great cannons
= 200pts
8 inner circle knights - full command
= 248pts
Rare Units
Helblaster Volley Gun
= 110pts
20 Flagellants - Prophet of Doom
= 210pts
=2002 pts

the swordsmen and spearmen each have at least one detachment

main tactics - the handgunners/outriders/helblaster try to hammer the enemy as they advance, before the rest of the combat troops, and the inner circle knights charge in to finish off the rest.

Can anyone give me any advice to improve this army list, and tactic?

Any comments would be appreciated, and I don't mind any criticism, so long as its constructive

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First off welcome to the boards, always glad to see new faces within the forums.

Now onto the list, probably the first question I've gotta ask involving the force is to help point out just where the detachments go. So as to better understand just their roles within the army and to assist with the formation of tactics.

Also noticed that when ya took the Empire General, don't know if you forgot it or not. But one of your state troop units can then take a magic banner up to 50 points. Which could save you from having to bother turning the Captain into the BSB, saving you a few points to be spread out abit further into the army.

Another thing to point out and again in no way of being mean, but I noticed you were off by 19-16 points. That's a potential another two handgunners at the least.

Something as a potential recommendation, for your Wizard. Keep him with the level two upgrade, but for a lil' cheeper. You could go with the Armor of Tarnus and the Wizard's staff, letting him be able to take some damage and be able to save it. Topped with the aspect he could still throw spells and at the same strenght a level 3 wizard's got.

Probably the last thing I'd do also, is increase the number of spearmen into either 2 smaller regiments or one bigger regiment.

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Hi Chr1ss-cross,

Your army is quite similar to what I use as my empire and in general your army and tactics are sound. There are some tweaks I would propose however.

First some minor issues:
* You cannot post the points of individual models or units without upgrades. As calculating the price of halberdiers/free companies/handgunners/ great cannons is rather easy if there are no upgrades the distort the points.
* Your first flagellant unit is a core choice if you have a warrior priest or arch lector.

I agree with BD that posting the detachment with the unit it is for is a lot clearer. As for those units I would try to increase them to 25 men per unit.
Personal preference is a repeater handgun to a hochland, but as said that is very personal. My reasoning is that 1 snipershot, which will only hit once every 3 turns is not going to make the difference.

Then most gain is in your characters. The basic choices are good. But you need to give them equipment accordingly. A BSB (even without a magic banner) is a really good addition to an empire army as it keeps your men in line. But you need to protect him. BSB are an easy 100VP if killed. So I usually try to give him a good armour save or a ward save.
Your battle wizard and warrior priest are great. I respectfully disagree with BDthrall and think your wizard is better than the one he proposes. As your main issue is magic defense. And the rod lets you boost this. If you are up against a very low magic army however, you can use it to boost your magic offence.

Finally then your general. His ancestral heirloom special rule is indeed something you should take a look at. If you don't intend to use it (and since he's going with the knights) you might want to swap him for a grand master. Also I would reconsider the silver horn and talisman of protection.
Talisman of protection: Somehow it seems a 6+ save doesn't do much. It only seems to become interesting at a 5+ or better.
Silver Horn: I actually used this item for a while, until I found out I wasn't using it. As you deploy fairly close to your table edge most fleeing scenario's will be like this:
* Unit fails Ld test in opponents turn and flees 2D6.
* Unit tries to rally and either succeeds of flees another 2D6 of the table.
* You have the opportunity of using the silver horn, but all units have either rallied themself or have fled of the table.

Hope that helps.
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