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Hi everyone,
This is my first attempt at a VC list, and will be used in 1000 pt battles against most fantasy armies (i think the only army in the club i attend that is not used is ogres) I will be purchasing the battallion, and then maybe some black knights and more skeles.
Criticism would be great, if theres anything that needs chopping and changing, feel free
Many thanks :)


(General) - 185pts
Dread Knight
Infinite Hatred
Book of Arkhan

typical fighty hero - there to win combats. gave him the book of arkhan, as IMO it is one of the two essential items along with the helm. he will be on a nightmare but currently dont have room for the Black knights i would have him join, hence the reason why im unsure about my necro (see below)

Vampire - 190pts
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment
Cadaverous Cuirass

casty hero. will be behind the front line in a skeleton regiment. also, with the helm, will be able to bolster an otherwise average skele regiment and reraise them with lord of the dead. gave him the cuirass in order for him to have some form of protection should combat arise, and he is also now immune to poison and KB.

Necromancer - 195pts
Black Periapt
Dispel Scroll
Corpse Cart mount w/ unholy lodestone

this guy i was unsure of whether to include, especially with the Corpse Cart mount. i figured i needed some magical defense, hence the DS, and the black periapt will also help my magic phase, but for 195 pts, thats another skele unit of 20+, or even better, a unit of 5 black knights with full command and the banner of the barrows that my general on nightmare can join (225pts) worth it or not?


20 Skeletons
- 205pts
Full command
War banner

this is the unit my casty vamp will be in. war banner will help combat resolution, and ive given them HW and S.

20 Zombies - 80pts

the tarpit. not given them command as thats VP i dont want to give to the opposition. start with these on the field, or raise them later on?

10 ghouls - 88pts
crypt ghast

nothing much to say about these really except that they be used as skirmishers/flankers.

corpse cart (pts included with necromancer)
unholy lodestone

Total - 943 pts

think i definitely need a hard hitting unit in here, like some black knights or GG. BK would be preferable, as then my general could join on his nightmare. thats my main reason for want rid of the necromancer and/or the corpse cart.

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