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BO warboss wit hBasha's bloodaxe and Umms best boss hat 231pts

2 NG Shamen ,one with staff of baaduum and sneaky skewerer,the other withamulet of protecktyness and brimstone bauble 270pts

BO big boss with Ulags akkrit axe 116 pts

Boyz Mob 40 full command,big uns,2 hand weapons 470pts

7 spider riders 91 pts

6 spider riders 78pts

20 BO full command and Gork's Waagh banner 343pts

10 BO boss and musician 156pts

1 Spear Chukka with bully 40pts

Ork Boar Chariot 80pts

2 Stone trolls 120pts

20 NG archers w fanatic 89pts
Boyz mob 20 champion,musician,shield and spear 160 pts

Have very little experience of Orcs/goblins and usually play HE in fantasy. Is this army competitive in general or will it only work against one or two armies?

Your help greatly appreciated.

i am da Wahhchief
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The list looks like a good start, youve got the basics for greenskins although i think there's some major downsides to this list.
Since your a pointy ears vetran, il not go easy on ya :p
This list will only work against one or two armies.

fast cavalry: excellent choice. Their leadership is of the sukky kind, so our musicians are well worth the points
ng archers, good equipment, works well for many reasons, perhaps 25 to make them a tiny bit survivable.

The most points have been spent on a few units and characters. Greenskins strength lies in numbers and i think some of the upgrades are just not good compared to other armies.
(i compare to other armies, because i think our only real chances lie in exploiting what we have and that others do not have.)

the night goblins have upgrades that they do not really need:
shaman is no good in combat, with 1 attack sneaky skewerer is usually a waste.
Basha's bloodaxe.. interesting choice... your lord may not join a unit with this thing.
I've never used it perhaps i have no right to speak...


meh who cares about rights? when it comes to value for your points, the most popular weapons in our list are:
1 Shag's screaming sword, however, if your not mounted, your not able to get in the right position and this may not work
2 ulag's akrit axe, you allready use this
3 Martog's best basha. Nice an cheep. perhaps use this one and put yer Lord on a boar (and maybe in a unit)?

40 biguns and 20 blorcs, two units together they cost over 800 points
decrease the size of the biguns, or split into two units (1 being biguns). 40 boyz is just over the top, its not bad, but you have advantages if you get to use them in more units than 1

1 spear chukka, why stop there? 2 for 1 special slot: get another for just over thirty points, its a great way to draw out enemy dragons

Jus me thoughts

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The idea with the 40 orcs unit is to use them to tie up 2 enemy units with 4 ranks of 10 and still have a chance of winning combat while allowing my other units to charge one or other enemy unit from the side with black orcs or orc spearmen.Also i see making them big uns should mean more wounds caused in first round of combat.
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