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Hi guys, i played my first game whit my ogre today against the mighty Bretonian(2000pts).
It actually went very well, i destroyed him but not whitout some help from lady luck.
In is first magic turn i used Hellheart and his lady scored a double 5 :w00t: miscast on butcher table:yes: sure enough he roll a 1 which kill her outright and inflict a str 4 to every model in BTB contact, which meant the hole unit (7 grail knight whit a lord in lance formation).

Guess what,whit all those nice armour save and ward save he still manage to loose 4 brave knights.Oh did i mention that in is movement phase he had charge a unit of 4 leadbleacher,imagine my surprise when in the combat phase i only had a lord and 2 knights to face instead of a complete unit of grail knights.

Apart from the fact that i forgot to roll my impact form the bull charge, everything went very well.And wow that ogre magic is very good (had 2 butcher).

After one game, i can say Ogre rocks.

PS:A unit of 6 knights of the realm failed to break a unit of 20 gnoblars:O Needed 3 or less on my break test and voila i rolled 3:w00t: He got charge in my turn by 4 bull which killed 3,no kill on his part ,outnumber,fear, auto break overun in the questing knights:w00t:
Ok i stop now i dont want this to sound like a battle report.
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