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First Painted Guys

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Here are my very first painted imperial Guard characters. they are kind of ametuar panted but i like how they turned out a whole lot. If you can give me any advice on what needs touching up I would be grateful, hope you like 'em.

I didn't get one picture of the backs becuase it came out blurry nd I can't use the camera anymore, sorry. ^_^
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Not bad at all for a first try, Shadow Ace. Very nice indeed. I would be very happy with these models if I were you, keep on going.

By the way - considering they are guardsmen, would the blood be theirs or the enemy's?! :w00t:
Pretty nice work for first try. Highlight should to them even better. :yes:
Not bad, certainly better than my first attempt.

Only one thing, the position of the sergeants sword arm IMO looks a little odd.
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I reakon its comming down in a chopping motion.. lets hope he never has to do that hey?
Pretty good for a first attempt. Better than mine. :)

If you want some constructive criticism, try watering down your paints. Just put some paint on your brush, then dip it lightly in some (clean) water. This will make the paint on it look slightly less gloopy.

Keep working on it. Every model you'll get better. :)

Ok guys, thanks a lot for your feedback and support.

By the way Xethemez, it's both. :shifty: They are bleeding from their mouths and noses while the rest of the blood on their shirts is their enemies.

I also wanted to tell you that I put a chaos space marine head near the tip of the vox caster, bloodied him up a little, and now it looks like hes from a horror movie.
Not bad for a first attempt at painting.. I've still got one of the first models I painted and although at the time I thought it looked good, when I hold it next to some of my more recent paint jobs you can really see the difference a bit of practice makes. You should probably do the same.. keep one mini in original state, you'll be amazed in a few months at how far you will have improved.
A couple of tips for making what you have at the moment even better.. washing and highlighting. Washes are great for any surface that has 'grooves'. Basically make a very watered down and slightly darker version of the surface you intend to 'wash'.. In your case it looks like you have used fortress grey for your cloth.. you could try a very watered down codex grey and spread this over all the cloth areas. Due to its watery nature, it will tend to collect in the grooves thus giving you a 'shadow' effect, when it dries you can then go over the raised sections very lightly with the original colour if you think it looks too dark overall. Inks can be used in a similar fashion but I find thinning down paints with water is fine and saves you having to buy additional pots of ink. For flesh tones, browns are great for washes I find, although you want to make sure its very thin when you apply it.. dont want it to run onto the rest of your mini.
Highlights on the edges of armour is another way to get your mini looking great.. although time consuming it really makes your armour stand out.
But again, for a first attempt not bad at all.
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An invaluable assest to any Guard player, layering. Use dark grey, light grey, then white or Light greay kahki then white, looks better. The you can go DA green, then catachan. Light dry brushing of Camo or goblin. Layer your characters, they look much better afterwords.

Another thing, ease up on the blood. It looks good on saw Catachans or Khrone, but standard IG might have a little bit of blood.
Xethemez said:
By the way - considering they are guardsmen, would the blood be theirs or the enemy's?! :w00t:
ALAS BLASPHEMER! they are the blood of the enemy of course!
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