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First "real" match advice

Ok so my first "official" match against someone who actually knows what they're doing might be next friday night. I'll be using Wood Elves. All I got is 24 Glade something (i's like glade warriors or gladearchers or something), 8 glade riders, and 12 dryads (i have the batallion).

I'll probably be playing an empire army; I think I'll probably team up with my skaven or lizardman friend (both have battleforces) to combine our armies to get around 1000 pts to play his 1000 pts of empire. All I know is he has at least the battalion for empire.

There's also a possibility we'll be playing his beastmen. All I know is he has 2 packs of those wolves, and lots of skirmishers.

To summarize, advice on the following would be great:
  • general strategy to play my Wood Elves solo
  • general strategy to play my wood elves teamed with skaven or lizardmen
  • tips against empire
  • tips against beasts of chaos
  • really anything in general

thanks mucho

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Take lots of archers and all the dryads you can. Divide the archers into as many units as possible for redundancy. Take scouts and dryads. Don't get into combat too soon.

Take a nice noble with the HoDA.

Elminate units that charge a long way, like those wolves. They may seem like low prority units, but they cause problems.

BoC and Empire have average leadership. Force panic tests through shooting.

You want some magic defense against either army.

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