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To honour my sources I must say I was inspired by with this list.
At first I was sceptic because I felt it were too many points in HQ but I had one test battle with them and due to dice I massacred an old BA list. Sure enough his poor judgement to jump out of his raider with 5 TH SS and Libby Termies.. [dramatic pauze] right in front of my Dissy Ravager... They did try to assualt a troop boat but failed to roll 6's to hit... Unlucky opponent helps sometimes B)

Well now to my lists.
Being used to play whyches I wanted some wyches with my Kabal but I could feel confident about the list so I opted for the 2x 8 Incubi + Dissies combo [1850]:
Achon, fully kitted 162 TH PUN PG CD SF AN VIT HM TR
Dracon, Agon kitted 86 AGON SP CD TR

2xRetinue 291
8X Incubi with Plasma Grenades in a Raider with Scaling Nets & Night Shield

4x "Dark Matter" Raider Squad 150
10x Warrior with Blaster & Dark Lance in a Raider

3x Dissy Ravager NS

In this list the amount of redundancy is very pleasing: you can loose any unit without loosing that particular punch.
Also the 8 Incubi Retinue smack any MEQ squad in one turn. It is nice to know you are going to destroy a unit B)
Too bad now SM Elites can pick SS so those squads needs to be softed up by Dissies -> :beat-up:
I'm confident to play T4 armies and swarms but all tank and MC armies frighten me a little.

Total AT: Mobile 6x DL, Static Long:10x DL, Static Short: 10x DL
and still the 9x Dissy to add for a "long shot".
Total: 6x AV 10 Skimmer 3x AV 11 Skimmer

My other list I touched up a little to have some beef in the troops department but now I feel I lack some smacking power in HQ and ELITE.
Here is the list with Wyches [1850]:
Achon, fully kitted 157 TH PUN PG CD SF AN VIT TR
Retinue 222
6X Incubi with Plasma Grenades in a Raider with Scaling Nets

Dracite, Agon kitted 93 AGON SP PG CD
Retinue 187
6x Wyches with Whych Weapons 2x Blaster + Succubes with Agon in SN Raider

2x Whyches 182
6x Whyches with WW PG 2x Blaster +Succ Agon in SN Raider

2x "Dark Matter" Warrior Squad 105
10X Warrior with Blaster & 2x Dark Lance

2x "Dark Matter" Raider Squad 142+150
10 & 9x Warrior with Blaster & Dark Lance in a Raider

1x DL Ravager NS
1x Dissy Ravager NS
1x Talos

With this list I have redundancy on whyches and 4x Agon to tackle MC's but the lack of NS and smaller (6) squads means sooner squad loss in these kind of point games. My only hope is to find places to hide 6 infantry models.
So I opted to make my troops not too min/max for objective games.
I do like to try the Talos, see if he can pop any tanks or swamp troops.
On AT: Mobile Long 7x DL,Mobile Short 13x DL, Static Long 11x DL, & Static Short 17x DL
with 3x Dissy pussy back up.
On AT it looks better than the former list.
Total: 6x AV 10 Skimmer 2x AV 11 Skimmer and 1x Talos
But less skimmer targets to keep the opponent AT busy. Hopefully they do bite the Talos when in Cover :D

Any ideas are welcome for the both lists.

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First List
wayyy to many points on your hq.... only one mental killy bloke is needed, and put him in a nice squad of wych's for 3 reasons
1. due to wych weapons most enemies will lose an attack in CC against you, which always helps
2. if your enemy has a sgt with a power sword an incubi gets no save if the sgt gets to attack, wych's get a 4++
3. even with wych weapons and plasma grenades, wych's are half the cost.

in your troops section add 2 squads of 10 warriors with 2 dark lances, sit them in your deployment zone and worry less about the tanks.
swap the dark lances in your raider squads for splinter cannons, you cant fire the lance if you move at all, why arent you moving??

even with all these changes you have about 300 points still to spare, give night shields to all your raiders, give lord and wych's a raider with horrorfex and night shields.

drop the dissies off atleast 1 ravager for lances, 9 dissies is overkill, always watch for landraiders/lemun russes.

leaves you roughly 210pts

add 2 units of 3 reaver bikes with 2 blasters... thats 190pts, i havnt worked out the points exactly so that may be right or leav you with about 20 points. but you could fit in so much more.

hope this helps

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Hey Collins, thanks for your feedback.

I have played the tourney with this list last saturday and I didn't fare well. I ended last but with a price :D

I played Orks, CSM and Orks. Basically I didn't have enough experience with this list to exploit it strengths enough. Another thing which didn't help was really bad dice and good dice for the opponent in the last game.

I can say I do agree on the following: 3 Dissie Ravagers is one too many: vs the Orks I needed more DL to hurt the über-biker sqauds.
I wasn't sure about the HQ squads and they did perform well vs the CSM but vs Ork bikers they lacked the punch to really hurt them. So yes for these über-units I lacked the wyches a bit.

On the other hand this still remains a powerfull list if used by a verteran: throw both HQ squads onto anything über and it dies instantly.

I don't agree on the point of addid Splinter Cannons instead of Dark Lances. The SC can't hurt the target the DL of the Raider is shooting. And basically first two turn you can afford to sit still and pop those rhino's, other tank or T4 for instant kill.

I haven't played a lot with Horrorfex but how is it played vs Fearless, RAW it works vs them but it seems a little bending the rules, since the our codex is 3rd Ed and maybe they didn't have a Pinning Test yet.

I do like the idea about Reavers though with their extra move during assault phase makes them nice.

I will try to come up with a new version of the list and post it here.

BTW: any thoughts on the second list?

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i liked the second list alot, i felt that needed less work.

about splinter cannons in raiders, you dont have to shoot same target as your raider with squad inside, so if raider pops a transport, SC can shoot unit that was inside :)

pinning fearless units is a little dirty, but it does work because it calls on the unit to take a leadership test or become pinned, fearless units autopass any morale or pinning checks, so its very roundabouts but it does work :)

if you check my 1500pt standard strike list it should give you a good idea on a decent list, i havnt lost with it alot and its quite similar to your second list, it is quite "all eggs in one basket" but the unit always does me well, my list has only 9 dark lances and 3 blasters and 3 dissies, which doesnt sound like alot but will deal with most enemies, it has a talos for anything particularly tough to crack and to soak up fire, and jetbikes are amazing :)
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