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Looking for feedback on my first VC list. My opponents are going to be Ogres (with the special character that has all the Gorgers as general), Goblins and Orcs (with Lvl 4 Shaman) and Lizardmen (with 2nd Gen Slann MP + Priests). Comments and suggestions welcome.

2500 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster

Vampire Lord (1#, 444 Pts)
1 Blood Dragon Vampire Lord @ 444 Pts
General; Blood Dragon; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Full Plate Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Obsidian Amulet
1 Master Strike
1 Red Fury

Lord of the Barrows (91 Pts)
1 Wight Lord @ 91 Pts
Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Sword of the Kings

Necromancer (150 Pts)
1 Necromancer @ 150 Pts
Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Undead
1 Book of Arkhan
1 Dispel Scroll

Grave Guard (20#, 375 Pts)
19 Grave Guard @ 375 Pts
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Halberd; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Crypt Keeper
Hand Weapon; Halberd; Heavy Armor; Shield
1 Banner of the Barrows

Skeletons (30#, 325 Pts)
29 Skeletons @ 325 Pts
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Skeleton Captain
Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield

Fell Bats (5#, 100 Pts)
5 Fell Bats @ 100 Pts
Flyer; Undead

Dire Wolves (5#, 50 Pts)
5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts
Fast Cavalry; Undead

Black Knights (8#, 290 Pts)
7 Black Knights @ 290 Pts
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Barding; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Hell Knight
Barding; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield
1 Banner of Doom
8 Nightmare

Dwarfs (10#, 130 Pts)
10 Dwarfs [Dogs] @ 130 Pts
Hand Weapon; Crossbow; Heavy Armor

War Engines (4#, 85 Pts)
1 Cannon [Dogs]
3 Crew [Dogs]
Hand Weapon

Ghouls (10#, 80 Pts)
10 Ghouls
Causes Fear; Poisoned Attacks; Skirmishers

Zombies (40#, 255 Pts)
40 Zombies
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Undead

Skeletons (10#, 125 Pts)
9 Skeletons @ 125 Pts
Musician Mus; Standard Bearer Std; Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; Undead
1 Skeleton Captain
Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield

Total Roster Cost: 2500

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Your list has some good points and some weak points. Remember, it's all about army composition, defined by bloodlines along with general VC strengths and weaknesses.

A lord instead of a count doesn't necessarily get you much, although I'll admit that an additional wound can mean all the difference, and you can't take a thrall or another necromancer, both of which would really improve your list. Moreover, why make a Blood Dragon a lvl 3 caster? They're inherently weak in magic and not worth the upgrade.

Drop the lord to a count and keep the equipment. It's a pretty good kit you have on him. Make him a lvl 2 caster just to generate the power die. Next, change out the wight lord for a thrall with the flayed hauberk as armor and a great weapon. You can toss in a bloodline power if you want to burn the points (which myself I'd save for something else).

Add another lvl 2 necromancer with a power familiar. Now you're at 8 casting dice and 1 bound spell with the BoA. What's more, you have a very respectable six dispel dice.

Next, I'd drop the halberds off of the Grave Guard. With hand weapons and shields they have a 3+ armor save instead of the 5+ with just heavy armor and a halberd. That save makes them much more durable for extended contracts, which are inevitable for undead troops. With their low weapon skill, the wights will be hit on either 4's or 3's almost all of the time, and a healthy armor save will make them stick around a lot longer. Besides, who needs an extra pip of strength from a halberd when he's got killing blow?

The skeletons are fine, and starting out with a big unit is a good idea. Field them five or even six wide for a huge block of unbreakable fear causers.

Five fell bats seems like a lot, but then again you are building a 2500 pt list.

You've too few wolves. One unit of five? They're cheap, they're fast cavalry, they cause fear, they have slavering charge, and they howl at the moon. What more do you want? Start units out at six or seven so that they can absord some melee damage on their way to their target. Multiple units will really harass your enemy and distract his forces.

You're kitting out those black knights! Will you be facing enough shooting for the Banner of Doom to be worth the points? Would the warbanner or something else serve you better?

Dwarfs? Weird. Well, if you insist, there are some cool undead dwarfs in the Mordheim range. Actually, there's only one model, but you could mix it and make some cool conversions. Really though, you're passing up spirit hosts.

I'd say the cannon is enough of a dogs of war unit to really matter. Drop the dwarfs and pick up some spirit hosts, three at this point level.

Ghouls are good.

40 zomibes! Wow! I guess you could run a huge block of 40 if you're not facing a lot of enemy infantry. Otherwise, I'd say field two units of 20, one on each flank. It'll be the impenetrable zombie flank defense.

Ten skeletons? Just drop these critters and use the points on dire wolves or spirit hosts.

You built your list on core units, which is really good. You ignore rare units, which saves you a lot of points and gets you more reliability in the army list. I think you should retool your hero selection and how you've distributed the core and special units.

Sorry to go so overboard...Sometimes I get bored at night. :wacko:


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I agree with redistributing the zombies and other units I personally would get rid of the Dogs of War simply because they don't fit in with supporting the rest of the army but saying that its your army fight a few battles maybe they are useful for you.

Banner of Barrows means he always hits 3+ so the halberds might be useful (st 5 ouch) but overall i would go for the hand weapon shield approach.

As for the characters though I think you made a good choice at a high points game the extra magic level and stats for the lord are useful plus it means that you have a better chance of raising up more zombies.

Definitly drop the 10 skellies and intead get another Necromancer plus Dispel magic scrolls.

Love to hear how your army (whether you make the modifications or not) fares.
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