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Hi well my titan nears completion and I fancy a break from 40K so as I said in my titan thread I starting tomb kings.
My army will consist of:
King on chariot
Prince on foot
1 mounted priest
2x5 chariots
24 tomb guard
5 ushabti
10 light horsemen

So far I've been planning my kings chariot I want it to be pulled allong by eather a sand painted albion fen beast or failing being able to get my hands on one a wave of sand.
While I've been mulling over this I have painted my king hope you like:

The cloak needs a little more blending but besides this am pretty happy with him C+C welcome.


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Nice. Don't see many Tomb King threads, or Fantasy for that matter, up here in Painting and Modeling, so its good to have some additions.
I agree about the cloak slightly, but the Armour and Weapon are pretty nice.

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Highlight the blue a tad more, to make it stand out just a tad more and make the model shine more, other than that, noice one!
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