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how many of you have organised a game, then gone to make up your army list knowing which army your opponent is going to field, & roughly most of what will be in it?
I'D SAY ALL OF US!!!.........but

suppose just suppose you didnt know what army they are going to play all youve agreed is the points of the game.

what do you do?
what goes into your army?
how will i WIN

(i know the fun is in the taking part ....BOLLOCKS if that was the only reason for playing then why do we have victory conditions then?) now back to the topic.

the answer to this question is not to build a army to play one specific game but a multitude of games / senarios

how do you accomplish this? well i use a formula for making up my army list now dependant on the army im using the formula is slightly different but in the main parts still the same

in these examples we will assume a game of 2000pts is being played

here is the formula for the Space Marines

HQ 1x no more than 130 pts

1choice no more than 120 pts

all 6 choices no less than 900pts spent here

all 3 choices no more than 550 pts

max 2 choices no more than 260 pts

so there you go lads a sm army list formula which offers game flexibility for battling any of the other races in the game & giving you a fair chance to win
try this out please and let me know your thoughts and hopefully your sucsessfull
gaming results
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