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Fluff Masters Clan

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Fluff: For those super-noobies out there fluff is basically all the background and stories of the various GW hobbies.

Who We Are: The fluff-know-it-alls of LO. Between us we can answer any question about fluff you may want to ask. At the moment we are mostly 40K but we invite fluff masters from other hobbies to join and help out their own group of questioners.

Our Purpose: Inspire the discussion of fluff as well as sharing with others our knowledge. We the fluff masters will have an answer for all those "stupid" fluff questions that usually take up a lot of space in the fluff section without really being of any purpose to anyone but the member asking the initial question. A fluff waste-disposal if you will.

Grephaun said:
Being a Fluff-Master is more than a fancy title, it’s an obligation to go forth in the world and preach to others the necessity of proper, well-researched fluff. It takes a certain dedication to become a Fluff-Master; if you don’t want to be a part of the clan and its mission to save the forum from all bad fluff, then why take the test? If you merely wish to test your knowledge, there's a Fluff Competition in the 40k Army Fluff subforum that could need new input. No test will make you a true Fluff-Master anyway; only those willing to help others improve their fluff and share altruistically of their accumulated wealth of fluffy knowledge are truly worthy of the title.
Current Members: Numberofthebeastxxx (me, president/founder/fluff-know-it-all), Grephaun (super-mod/fluff-know-it-all award winner), Xerxes (fluff-know-it-all/testmaster), and ze_poodle (fluff-know-it-all).

And those members that passed the test to be fellow fluff master know-it-all's:

Warmaster Phthisis (1st new member to pass the test)
Astral Claw
Lord Yossanrion
Dark Lioness (1st fantasy fluff master)
Impending Slaughter
gingerninja (2nd and current fantasy fluff master)
Da Mighty Camel
Ebon Hand
crimson tears
Adrian MalSeraph (currently has the award for most fluff tests taken)

My Position: As president/founder I would like all current and future members to know that this position was accepted with very much humility. I encourage all members to speak their mind and disagree with anything I say in a democratic fashion. I will by no means be running the club; I want everyone to contribute to all aspects of the clan. ^_^

Member To Do List:
0. Let me know if I need to add anything to my above statements.
1. Figure out the base requirements needed in order to admit new members to in.
2. Over-All Rules and Regulations need to be established.
3. Figure out if we can make ourselves more than 40k oriented, or if to do this we should wait till we bring in fluff masters from other hobbies. (I myself am not comfortable enough with my warhammer fantasy knowledge to answer questions but I can answer for other hobbies such as necromunda and anything to do with 40k of course.)
4. Make a really cool banner all members may display.
5. Answer any and all incoming questions/concerns from members and non-members.

Numbers 0-2, and 4 have been accomplished. We still need more fluffers who specialise in other games (such as fantasy). #5 never ends of course... 8)
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In response to item #1, we need a test, everything that a fluff know-it-all should know, so at least we have a common grounding of knowledge, and we can all answer the basic questions that regularly crop up.

For rules, as know-it-alls, we need a commitment to keep up to date with knowledge specific areas; if, as was suggested, we have Fluffmasters for specific topics, they need to be able to keep up to date with their specific area. Anyone wanting a specific position should have at least the latest addition of the codex concerning their race, if we are to split it by race, along with a working knowledge of current events involving said races (EoT, Armageddon3 etc), as these can be considered to be the most "canon" fluff for those races involved as well as for those campaigns.

Beyond that, I'm not sure. We need to have humility as a basic point though; despite our titles, we should be accepting of other people's knowledge (and also lack thereof).
Yup, Addoran has my full approval. I've missed disagreeing with him. And Mantis too, although we probably cover the same kinds of areas (he has access to my WD library, for example).

A general outline of the 40k history wouldn't be a bad plan, although it can be Googled. Maybe tailor it with a few specific questions for each individual as well?

Sorry for not chipping in for so long, been on holiday for a week.
That would work. And something pointing the more frequent questions to us rather than to the Fluff forum. A faq seems so impersonal.
lol, true. I think we need to keep those arguments to ourselves, and point out to others that these areas are pretty much unresolved.

And then probably continue bickering.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the current thread is a fluff "clinic" as it were, where people come with quick questions for quick answers. It needs to be pinned to serve its function properly, or we need to change the idea; possibly a pinned thread with all members and their specialities listed (getting updated over time), so that regular members can PM them if need be, and get rid of unnecessary clutter from the forum altogether.
ze_poodle said:
Agreed. In case anyone did not notice, Hivefleet Mordacii is asking for details on the Doom Eagles. Anyone who knows anything about that particular successor chapter should help him out. No-one has even posted on his topic yet. I'm disappointed in you people.
That's because I don't think there is much that's official, apart from them being involved in the EoT campaign somewhere. I'll stick up what I've Googled, although it shames me to have done so.

black cherry said:
I was wondering how do other similar minded fluff masteres apply for status
Either be accepted by general consensus (as the majority here have been, we're old hands around the fluff forum) or get tested. We're not quite sure how to test people exactly yet, but Warmaster Psthisis passed a knocked up one by numberofthebeastxxx, after some very comprehensive posts in the fluff forum. But we have nothing cut and dried as yet; your best bet is to PM number (unless he nominates a few people, he may well get snowed with requests) with a few of the topics outlined already in this thread.
lol, thanks Addoran. Harlies were one of the things that got me hooked on 40k.

One thing that we should do is have more than one fluffmaster to research popular or overly large topics. For example, having only one Imperial fluffmaster would be stupid. Perhaps develop some subclans for the larger areas?
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Whatever areas people know about is what I mean. Whatever they feel confident in talking about. And I wouldn't make it too specific; I wouldn't not call someone an Imperial Navy fluffmaster if they didn't know the wingspan of a Marauder interceptor. The titles shouldn't really convey anything, just act as an "ask me about this specific area of you want answers to it" badge.
That works. Although yes, more politely. What topics, then?

I can think of:

Missing legions
Female marines
(Brainboyz has been suggested, I like it myself. But there is only so much that can be said)
Deceiver/Laughing God
Necron-controlled Nids
Rainbow Warriors (with link, that's definitely not official GW fluff)
Primarchs "coming back"

Any more for any more?
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But we aren't mods, should we really officiate in such a manner? Perhaps have a pointer saying "please don't post stuff about these topics, thank you and here's why..." but we don't have any more authority than that. Apart from Grephaun, but she's a strange and rare thing.
Welcome to the clan, hit 'em hard! I hope Warhammer fluffmasters'll drop by, maybe you could advertise for us? And if need be, I can knock up a fairly decent test for you, although it'll be quite general.
I seem to be collecting cookies, can I answer?

And is it the general consensus that I can give hit 'em hard a WHFB fluff test?
What action should the clan (such as it is at the moment) take in the Fluff Forum? We still haven't settled completely on our roles.
There isn't any "too late" about it; this is an ongoing thing. Welcome aboard, pending a few questions from various people (I have an ad hoc test I could thow you to take, if the rest are agreeable).
Is this my quiz? Ah well, at least you'll get a good testing.

And yeah sure, throw him something. Just so long as you're satisfied he's passed it (ie 60% correct or something).

And on an unrelated note, how do you post pics on here? I'm working on a Fluffmaster sig graphic and wondering how I could get a preview up.
I have a hankering to get the Imperial Guardsman's Uplifting Primer, but that's all I can really think of. Unless 2nd edition Codex Imperialis counts.

Oh, and the Realm of Chaos books. But that's very much pie in the sky at the moment.

And I'll get the "40k 101" article finished asap, I'll aim for the end of next week.
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