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Fluff Masters Clan

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Fluff: For those super-noobies out there fluff is basically all the background and stories of the various GW hobbies.

Who We Are: The fluff-know-it-alls of LO. Between us we can answer any question about fluff you may want to ask. At the moment we are mostly 40K but we invite fluff masters from other hobbies to join and help out their own group of questioners.

Our Purpose: Inspire the discussion of fluff as well as sharing with others our knowledge. We the fluff masters will have an answer for all those "stupid" fluff questions that usually take up a lot of space in the fluff section without really being of any purpose to anyone but the member asking the initial question. A fluff waste-disposal if you will.

Grephaun said:
Being a Fluff-Master is more than a fancy title, it’s an obligation to go forth in the world and preach to others the necessity of proper, well-researched fluff. It takes a certain dedication to become a Fluff-Master; if you don’t want to be a part of the clan and its mission to save the forum from all bad fluff, then why take the test? If you merely wish to test your knowledge, there's a Fluff Competition in the 40k Army Fluff subforum that could need new input. No test will make you a true Fluff-Master anyway; only those willing to help others improve their fluff and share altruistically of their accumulated wealth of fluffy knowledge are truly worthy of the title.
Current Members: Numberofthebeastxxx (me, president/founder/fluff-know-it-all), Grephaun (super-mod/fluff-know-it-all award winner), Xerxes (fluff-know-it-all/testmaster), and ze_poodle (fluff-know-it-all).

And those members that passed the test to be fellow fluff master know-it-all's:

Warmaster Phthisis (1st new member to pass the test)
Astral Claw
Lord Yossanrion
Dark Lioness (1st fantasy fluff master)
Impending Slaughter
gingerninja (2nd and current fantasy fluff master)
Da Mighty Camel
Ebon Hand
crimson tears
Adrian MalSeraph (currently has the award for most fluff tests taken)

My Position: As president/founder I would like all current and future members to know that this position was accepted with very much humility. I encourage all members to speak their mind and disagree with anything I say in a democratic fashion. I will by no means be running the club; I want everyone to contribute to all aspects of the clan. ^_^

Member To Do List:
0. Let me know if I need to add anything to my above statements.
1. Figure out the base requirements needed in order to admit new members to in.
2. Over-All Rules and Regulations need to be established.
3. Figure out if we can make ourselves more than 40k oriented, or if to do this we should wait till we bring in fluff masters from other hobbies. (I myself am not comfortable enough with my warhammer fantasy knowledge to answer questions but I can answer for other hobbies such as necromunda and anything to do with 40k of course.)
4. Make a really cool banner all members may display.
5. Answer any and all incoming questions/concerns from members and non-members.

Numbers 0-2, and 4 have been accomplished. We still need more fluffers who specialise in other games (such as fantasy). #5 never ends of course... 8)
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I'm interested in joining. Ever since I started playing Warhammer 40k back in 1995 Ive been absolutely enthralled by the stories and background and I have quite a library of GW publications including all the 3rd edition codexes, some of the Black Library books (although my collection of these is mercurial as I trade novels I finish with my gaming buddies), and event though I started at the very beginning of 3rd edition I have a copy of Realms of Chaos and the original Rogue Trader. As far as my fluff knowledge goes, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of the 40k universe and its history, although I have to admit that I ignore a lot of fluff produced by the Black Library because it doesnt seem to me like it all fits the GW published fluff (except Dan Abnett of course!).

There are some areas that I'm fuzzy on, such as the Age of Apostasy and such. But there are other areas that I'm strong on, such as Death Guard history and some obscure things like pirates, navigators,the inquisition, and some stuff about the Eldar and Orks. I'll volunteer to be a guinea pig for your fluff test, although if the questions are too obscure I dont know how I'll do. I think that being in this group would be fun for me because I'd learn a lot of the obscure fluff from those of you that know it and think I could contribute in some areas.

One thing that I'm particularly good at is the tactical and strategic dogma of the Imperium and the many races of 40K. I may not be so good at telling you what such and such a general said at such and such a battle in the 34th millenium, but I could tell you how all the Space Marine Chapters and Traitor Legions persecute campaigns according to their idiums, how the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard deploys and fights, what the various non-battlefield units listed in the campaign codexes do and how they do it, or tell you how the Tau or Orks or Eldar or any other race persecute campaigns and use their equipment. I love tactics and strategy! Also, as a sociology major I have particular interest in the social structure of the Imperium in 40k and how the government is run and operated, and so I can probably answer many questions about Imperial society that those well versed in 40k history may not know.

Anyway, I am hereby formally requesting membership. ^_^
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It could probably be easily said that I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I'm anxious to start the first clan project. It looks like were doing ok in terms of our current testing system, but maybe we should standardize the test. I'm not sure if its my place to get the ball rolling, but if we came up with a couple of quizzes with definate answers we could administer them to people who want to join quickly and judge them efficiently. Perhaps we could brainstorm and write a few questions each and provide the answers and somebody, like clan secretary or pres, could shuffle them and issue them for each applicant. Just some ideas. We should do this by PM though or everybody will be able to find out the answers by reading this thread. :p
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