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Ok second try. To answer Q's PM your answers to me, and I will post how many you got correct. Anyone posting answer's here I will ignore. So here we go:

1. What did the Ork Warlord Grubnak order that his gargants have done on Epsion Octarius?

2.What was the original name of the Order of our Martyred Lady?

3.Name the main Ork Clans

4.What is an Exarch?

5.Who is the Adeptus Custodes?

6.Who recaptured the Lion's Gate Space Port during the Horus Heresy?

7.What did Perturabo make the Iron Warriors fortress on Sebastius IV in to?
Bonus: What's was it called?

8.What weapon did Kharn use to gain the name betrayer and why?
Bonus: Where did this happen?

9.Who guards the Black Library?

10.Why are the Black Templars on a Crusade?

11.Name the Challenges that Russ faced the Emperor in.
Bonus: How did the Emperor win?

12.What were Night Haunters last words?
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Not open for further replies.