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Posted this here because of lack of respose in the supplements section... anyways..

I have a Tau remora, barracuda and eldar pheonix. How do most people measure shoot to and from the flyer. If you have a cool stand that puts the model up several feet in the air there are some weapons that may not even have any range to hit a target.
For example, the Barracuda. 18 inch burst cannons.. Now measuring on my current stand it flys at 8 inches. From gun tip to target base its effetive range is 16 inches. If I were to raise the barracuda to 18 inches its effective range is just about nothing.

I know this works two ways and also helps your flyer for when people shoot at you. But I want to get the most effect I can for my overpriced, over pointed, forgeworld stuff and bring as many weapons to bear I can vs. the enemy.

So how do all of you figure out ranges when using flyers? Tru line of sight, measure from base, measure where range would be if model was on the ground?????? Or some other way?


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When shooting at flyers, measure straight to the base because 12" of your range is automatically deducted to represent the height of the unit.

LOS and cover are ignored since the flyer is able to fly above it's targets and is assumed to be too high to gain cover from anything on the ground. If you have especially high terrain (like skyscrapers), you may need to create some house rules on the subject.
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