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hey guys and girls iv recently found out about a new final fantasy game set in the ff7 world. Apparently its set after advent children and you play as vincent. Its supposed to be called dirge of cerberus but the strange thing is that it will be a 3rd person shooter! Im not totally sure i believe that last part because it seems to be a bit of a strange thing for square to do to the ff series but thats what the site said. i was wondering if anyone had come accross any info on this because all i know is what iv just said and im getting a bit excited about the prospect (i love all things ff7 even if its turning into one big cash cow)

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Just check IGN. This information isn't new at all ^.^.

It is already confirmed

that dirge of cerberus is coming out.

(I heard this way last year)

Its coming out for the PSP, and there might be a ps2 version, just maybe.
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