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New member here, and first post. I love the activity and knowledge on this forum!

I'm just starting my first IG army, but can't quite give up my Inquisitional origins. I'd like to prepare a 1500 point all-comers tourney list, using (mostly) these elements: Valkyries/Vendettas (I have 3), Inquisition (because the Valks are going to be painted in Inquisitional colors and symbols), and foot Guard (because I like the image of an infantry line).

The problem I'm having is striking a workable balance amongst the various elements in the list. I started out with 3 flyers, a foot gunline, and just an Inquisitor+2mystics. The flyers were great, but the gunline died to assaulters quickly, as I didn't really have any counter-charge element. I then switched to having a CCS kitted out with Sgt. Kell and PF, but that counter-charge unit didn't quite have enough punch. So I'm on to a fairly different build, more gunline than previous with the addition of a shooty Inquisitor Lord. I'm willing to entertain any and all suggestions in assembling a themed-yet-competitive-yet-fun list. Daemonhosts? Sure, I'll consider them! Assassins? You betcha. Just gotta find the points.

Here's my proposed list. General idea is that gunline deploys and shoots, using orders to best effect on the HWS. Infantry platoon screens, holds objectives, or mobs up (in kill points or as a counter-charge unit). Vendettas shoot or outflank, depending on what turn I have. Vets ride in a Vendetta. GK's are either in a outflanking Vendetta, or sit at home as a counter-charge unit. Manticore blows stuff up.

Company Command: Astropath, Sgt. Kell, bodyguard, 2x meltaguns [200]

Allied Inquisitor Lord: with Psychic Hood, Psycannon, and retinue of 2 HB gun servitors, 1 Plasma Cannon gun servitor, and 2 mystics. [202]

Allied Grey Knight Squad: Justicar with frag grenades + targeter, GK's x4 [152]

Platoon Command: 3x flamer [45]
Inf. Squad, Commissar with power weapon [95]
Inf. Squad [50]
Inf. Squad [50]
HW Squad: Autocannons x3 [75]
HW Squad: Missile Launcher x3 [90]

Veterans: 3x meltaguns, 5x shotguns [100]

Fast Attack:
Vendetta with HB sponsons [140]
Vendetta with HB sponsons [140]

Heavy Support:
Manticore [160]

My concerns with this list are that

1) There's too much stuff that I need to deploy into cover. Usually that's HWS x2, CCS, and Inquisitor + friends. Terrain in a deployment zone isn't THAT plentiful, and movement to get into terrain wastes a turn of shooting.
2) 5 PAGK's aren't resilient enough of a counter-charge unit. Would their points be better used elsewhere, since I could mob up with the platoon and kit it out for CC?
3) Previous versions of the list had more infantry and an extra Valkyrie for tactical flexibility - have I cut down too much? I don't want to go to 3 Vendettas for fear of cries of "cheese!".

The previous version didn't have GK's, had an elite inquisitor with mystics only, and included a MRP Valkyrie, a melta SWS, a penal legion squad, and a chimera. Should I drop an Inquisitional element to beef up the Guard some more? Trying to find a happy medium here.

I'd like to pay at least lip service to the theme of foot guard with air support. I don't want to take any main battle tanks or other artillery, though I'm pondering a hydra...anyways, I'd like to open the floor to discussion. Is there a happy middle where a foot gunline + air cav army can exist happily, without leaning too heavily one way or another?

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I play both IG and both Inquisition armies, so I love the idea of your list, but it needs some work.

HQ: Drop Kell he way to many points for what he does in a competitive list. Astropath is great, never drop him with Vendettas. Add at least one more Meltagun to the CCS. Put these guys in a Chimera or in a Vendetta.
Your Inquisitor Lord squad is properly laid out, but look at it's price. For their price you could get another Vendetta and Marbo.
You have between 1/4 and 1/3 of your army points in your HQ, way too much for a guard army.

Troops: Your troops are not equipped properly. I love Flamers in my PCS but only if they are mounted in a Chimera, otherwise they are easily targeted and wiped out. All IG squads should be give one Heavy and one Special weapon. I prefer the Grenade Launcher/ Autocannon build. Drop the Heavy Weapon Squads and put the Commissar in one large merged platoon of three infantry squads. This will be awesome for sitting on an objective that can still put out a lot of Dakka.

Grey Knights are a great way to go, but make sure they are at least 8 man strong. I like mine vanilla, no Psycannon etc to be able to max out my troop count. Put these in a Vendetta. They are great for coming out of an outflanking Vendetta and 'plowing the road' in a 'Vendetta Sweep'.

Your Veteran Squad is solid.

Fast Attack: Nothing wrong here, just add one more.

Manticore is a good choice if you have to have one Heavy Support choice. Make sure you play on boards with lots of terrain. I often don't play on boards that have enough to hide my indirect fire tanks. Another option is an Exterminator with Hull Lascannon. This is an excellent tank for popping transports that could get in you fast and has good survivability. Ultimatly two Lemans of some nature would be best at this point level.

My 1500 List with Grey Knights is:

HQ: CCS with 3 Melta Guns, Astropath in Vendetta
Troops: Vets with three Melta Guns in Vendetta
2 x Vet Squad with 3 Grenade Launcher in Chimera with Heavy Stubber
Grey Knight squad of 8.

Fast Attack: The only choice, three seperate Vendettas with HBs.

Heavy Support: Leman Russ with Lascannon
Exterminator with Lascannon.
Hope this helps.

Cheers, DH

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Thanks for the redirect, Alzer! Sorry about that...

Diggums, thanks for the comments - they've given me a lot to think about. I like your list - nasty.

I agree, I have too many points in HQ. It's not something I realized until taking a second look at the list.

I think the point I'm wrestling with right now is the HW teams in infantry squads vs. dedicated units. But it's a decision I think I'll take to another thread, as I think it might generate quite a bit of discussion. If I change to HW teams in squads, I think I'll have to rework the list quite a bit...
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