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This maybe should be in the tutorial section.. Ill let the mods decide.

Forgeworld flyer model base building...

When I got together my barracuda, obviously it needed a base.. something strong enough to hold it and not tip over in the heat of the action. I got my original Idea from eiglepulper
who has several tau flyers.
What youll need for this project..
1. a 100 disk CD spindle
2. 1/2 of a used Paint brush of the appropriate size which inserts into the bottom of the flyer and top of the spindle.
3. Wooden dowel 3/8” thick
4. A couple of crappy CDs you’ll never listen to again.
5. About an hours worth of time. (Not including paint/glue drying time)
The basic breakdown.
The dowel is inserted in the spindle to give it strength and to hold the smaller peg/paintbrush that’s inserted in the flyer. I later glued the dowel inside the spindle and placed a plug on the bottom of the spindle with a little milliput.

I used 3-4 crappy CDs to bring the inner portion of the spindle up to the edge of the sides.
A hole was drilled through the spindle, and into the dowel to glue the paintbrush into.
Milliput was used to form the sides of the base and fill the gap left by the CDs and sides of the spindle.

Some basing material of your choosing. I used a white pumice goo mix.
A quick shot of paint of the appropriate color.
Drybrush on some color.
I added some removable rocks. At first I was going to glue them but the base is heavy enough its not going anywhere. If they need to be moved during game time its not a problem for LOS or moving earth bound models.

Another option would be to use and appropriate sized metal rod instead of the paintbrush. I believe the paintbrush is strong enough and yet bends enough so breaking the hole of the flyer is not an issue. I may demo it on my next model to test it out however.

Your comments are welcome… enjoy
-cheers and beers
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