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Hello, I'm Kuffy and I'll be your moderator for eternity. -___^

This thread is being created as an index to the forum: a guide to what is expected and allowed here. In addition I will add threads to a list at the bottom. Only threads that are good and have some use overall with the community will be added.


Welcome to the LO Conversion & Modelling forum.

* Before posting, please do a search. Many topics come up often and you are more likely to find your answers in previous threads.

* Make sure your thread title is clear and makes sense for what you are looking for

* Write in English. Even if it is not your first language, try. No "leet" is allowed

* When commenting on some ones work, do not just leave a single message such as "Nice", try to make some form of constructive criticism.

* Pictures included in the thread may have a maximum size of 600 - 700 pixels wide. Any wider and they will be reduced to links.

* Asking for templates of offical Games Workshop miniatures (including vehicles) is a big no, no. Threads will be closed and you slapped VERY, VERY hard on the wrists. Happens twice and your voted off the island (re: forum). OK?
Now, play nicely and if there is any help you require or something you wish to discuss with me then please PM me. =)

Now, to keep things a little more tidy I will remove certain pinned threads. But fear NOT! They will have their links placed here, should they be required.

Helpful Links/Guides/Threads

Death Riders of Krieg conversion guide by Bobahat

What scale is Warhammer? By Wolfrider

Money saving conversions

minus_t's guide to: *********** Armor

minus_t's guide to: Making Custom Icons & Badges

chandrilla's guide to making swappable weapons on eldar vehicles

How-To: Prepare Resin Models for Construction and Painting by Brother Tiberius

Necron Flayed Ones, by Shonuff

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