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Hello, I'm Kuffy and I'll be your moderator for eternity. -___^

This thread is being created as an index to the forum: a guide to what is expected and allowed here. In addition I will add threads to a list at the bottom. Only threads that are good and have some use overall with the community will be added.


Welcome to the LO Modelling forum.

* Before posting, please do a search. Many topics come up often and you are more likely to find your answers in previous threads.

* Make sure your thread title is clear and makes sense for what you are looking for

* Write in English. Even if it is not your first language, try. No "leet" is allowed

* When commenting on some ones work, do not just leave a single message such as "Nice", try to make some form of constructive criticism.

* Asking for templates of offical Games Workshop miniatures (including vehicles) is a big no, no. Threads will be closed and you slapped VERY, VERY hard on the wrists. Happens twice and your voted off the island (re: forum). OK?

* Pictures included in the thread may have a maximum size of 600 - 700 pixels wide. Any wider and they will be reduced to links.

Now, play nicely and if there is any help you require or something you wish to discuss with me then please PM me. =)

Now, to keep things a little more tidy I will remove certain pinned threads. But fear NOT! They will have their links placed here, should they be required.

Helpful Links/Guides/Threads

Female Cadians by Doctor Thunder

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