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As some of you are likely noticing, there have been some large changes to the forum structure here at LO. With the help of the forum owners, what began as a simple renaming of the Fantasy section to reflect the new focus on Age of Sigmar, extended to become a complete forum overhaul.

On the hobbying side, we've increased visibility and cut down somewhat on the confusion, by lumping all Painting, Modelling, and Scenery threads into a single section. Projects still remain separate, so if you are doing any sort of ongoing work, you've got a highlighted space just for that. For those who do commission painting, such as odinsgrandson and Awaken Realms, we've added a Comission Services section where they can post their completed pieces and advertise for their services if they choose.

40k players will likely be pleased to see that we've lumped the armies according to faction, rather than separately. It makes more sense this way, since Allies are clearly here to stay, and many players make use of allied contingents in their lists. You can now discuss Space Marines, Astra Militarum and Imperial Knights, all in a single space. Chaos and Xenos players can do the same.

As mentioned, we've updated the Fantasy section to reflect the move to Age of Sigmar. Like 40k, we've organized it by Alliance rather than by individual faction. We have not done away with the Fantasy section at all, it is preserved in full under the 'Fantasy Classic' section of the forum.

Furthermore, we've created a separate forum for Specialist Games, to include BloodBowl, Mordheim, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, Space Hulk, and so on.

And finally, we've reopened discussion on other manufacturers' games. Currently spotlighted are Infinity, Kings of War, and Warmachine/Hordes, but there is room enough for other topics, including discussion about "9th Age," fan-systems, or other companies/games such as Bolt Action or Flames of War.

As always, the moderators are on hand to help sort out any confusion. Don't be alarmed if you see a few threads being moved about, as we tidy things up and put the changes into effect. Thanks everyone, enjoy the forums!
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