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Basically, I'm sick of playing good army lists as chaos which win win win ( or lose lose lose ) and are never fun or challenging to play with. To this end, I decided to come up with a list portraying a garrison of word bearers defending a newly made shrine of sacrifice and worship (or going to own some noob space marines to construct a new shrine). The only two factions able to assist will be tzeentch and slaanesh, and they will compete for prime kills and whatever honour etc. However a third faction is out to help to, made of non games workshop models, and these are the patrons of the word bearers themselves. All of these are daemonic allies.
Most of this doesnt account for much game related, especially since theres only "summoned lesser daemons."

This will not go into any tournements coming up, as im keen to play a non chaos force to see how I do. I have been eyeing up a decent sized tau army. Its made to be symmetrical.

The Garrison

Chaos Space Marines x10,Rhino with combi melta, 2 meltaguns, AC with PF, IoCG
Chosen x8, AC, Flamers x4, IoCG
Terminators x4, Combi Plasmas, 1 Power Fist
Lesser Summoned Daemons x8
Greater Summoned Daemon x1
Predator x1
Lascannon Sponsors
Obliterators x2

Tzeentch Relief Force
Daemon Prince, IoT,Wings,Warptime,Bolt of Change,PI
205 I think
Thousand Sons x9 (incl. AS), Gift of Chaos, Rhino, PI
Lesser Summoned Daemons x10

Slaanesh Backup Team
Daemon Prince, IoS,Wings,Lash of Submission,PI
Noise Marines x8, 7x Sonic Blasters, PI
Lesser Summoned Daemons x10

75 models

This will be my first list with daemon princes in, lol I always just be stubborn about so much money for one model, but ever since that green stuff fascination i developed after christmas and the amount for extra parts I have, I knew they would be needed in the list.
With 3 MC, 28 daemons, and 4 terminators,2 oblits Deep Strikin, I have quite a lot of variety in terms of powerful units and numbers being all over the board. Not nearly enough to out number tyranids, or out elite dark angel deathwing, but somewhere between the two in a fluffy awesome way.

Fairly obvious tactics, Infiltrate chosen and gap forward with everything else, except noise marines and the pred, which gun apart nearby targets, and take one objective and hopefully remove enemies from the others in my half. The majority of my remaining army is just going to out number highly elite armies, and out resource swarm armies. I have lots of all special weapons and 2 obliterators, so I have the right short ranged gun for the right target.

Not intended to win even 1 in every 2 games I play, just to have fun and summon things and say " go word bearers " with.
However, any help with daemon prince configurations and list composition would be welcome. And no,no matter what you think, THE CHOSEN ARE STAYING IN OK !!!

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Looks fun. Plenty of troops etc for objective grabbing.

Just doublecheck, I don't think daemon princes can carry personal icons. Lords and sorcerors can but princes for some reason cannot.
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