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Hey all,

Have you ever thought that the new Plague Furnace/Screaming Bell was too expensive? How would you like to minus $20-$25 off that? Not so bad now is it, eh? "But we can't do that," you may say, but I might just have a way...

If you go to the bother of buying one of these machines of doom, then you must have bought at least one Clanrat/Stormvermin/Plague Monks box set. Once you have completely assembled the unit, you should have one spare base.

If you then assemble the Plague Furnace/Screaming Bell, you should find that you have the parts to still make a Plague Priest or a Grey Seer. For the Plague Priest, it is simple. Just assemble him and stick him on the spare base. That's one free miniature, giving you a total cost (taking around $20-$25 off) of the old metal model of the Screaming Bell.

The Grey Seer however, is a bit trickier to stick on a base. If you have green stuff, you should mould a rock and glue it on the base. Then, full assemble the Grey Seer and his legs should be able to fit around the rock with his arse on top. The thing in his left hand is what I like to call 'Dispel Thingy-ma-jig'. That's $20-$25 off the price, and another free miniature.

So if you buy two of these things, not only do you save $40-$50, but you also get a) replacement models fro when the machines are obliterated or b) extra lords/heroes on the battlefield.

I love being cheap,

The Warlord
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