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Hi, im quite newbish only played for 2 months but would like any suggestions for 1000 points

Farseer - Mindwar, Runes of witnessing 85p

Dire avengers x10- exarch, bladestorm, shuri cats 152p

Dire avengers x9- exarch, defend, shimmershield + power wep 155p

Striking scorps x6- exarch, power claw 126p

Dark reapers x5- exarch, missile launcher, fast shot 217p

Warp spiders x5- exarch, spinneret rifle thing, deep strike 136p?

Fire Prism 115p


The farseer can take out any main characters while the fire prism takes out any terminators. DA can take out any normal troops and the striking scorps can support. Warp spiders take out any heavy support and the dark reapers will just blow everything up.

I usually play against SM, CSM, Necrons

Thanks in advance

Resident Mongoose
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Just looking at your list, your fire prism is going to eat every anti-tank weapon your opponent has. Drop mind war, unless you're on a jetbike, it generally isn't going to work well. Work on maxing out your scorpion squad first, and then your warp spyders with the points from your dropped fire prism.
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