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Before collecting brets I decided I would paint one unit of each thing in my army in black and white and give it the icons of a chess piece. I am quite a fan of chess and brets just seemed to have things that played the roles well. Also brets playing style about positioning everything right and using unit together helps is quite chess like in my opinion. So I decided to make a list (one that I don't think I will ever buy the models to use) but decided to share it either way.

Pawns 400pts
x8 [email protected] x10
Rooks 180pts
Field Trebuchet x2
Knights 701pts
x2 Knights of the Relm x8, Full Command
Paladin-Warhorse, Virtue of the Joust, Lance of Artois, Shield, Lance
Paladin-BSB, Warhorse, Virtue of Duty, Enchanted Shield
Bishops 184pts
Peasant Bowmen x17, Skirmish, Braziers
Peasant Bowmen x10
Queen 371pts
Damsel of the Lady-Warhorse, x2 Dispell Scroll
Questing Knights x5, Full Command, Valorous Standard
King 284pts
Bretonnian Lord-Hippogryph, Virtue of Discipline, Curiass of Fortune, The Silver Lance of the Blessed, Shield

Total, 2249
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