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HQ 85
Power Weapon
Troops 250

10 warrior
2 Dark Lance

10 warrior raider
1 Blaster
1 splinter cannon
Fast attack 170
Reaver Jet Bike Squad
5 Jet bikes
2 Blaster

This is the first Dark eldar list i have made up and dont have any models (or playing experience with Dark Eldar)

At higher points i will upgrade the dracon to an archon, is putting a lord in a jet bike squad usually a good idea? if so what wargear should i give him?

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Not bad at all!

You might want to consider the following though:

1) Your Dracon needs a tormentor helm. Those 5 points of wargear will boost his offensive power by 33.33%. Also consider some plasma grenades for him.

2) Get a succubi for the bike squad. With the same equipment as your dracon, she will prove highly effective against infantry, and combined with your lord and her squad they will be a quite threatening skirmish unit in games of this size.

3) You are already above 500 points, so drop something. I would advise you to make that raider squad of yours another dark lancer squad, which with my suggestions for improvement would bring you to 500 points exactly. You probably plan to buy the battleforce and want to use every component of it, but dont dispair.. you will need that raider later on.

Best of luck, young dracon :)

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Ok thank you very much for the help
I just have a few questions

Does the succubus in the jet bike squad have combat drugs by default like the rest of the squad?

I play against an eldar player that uses alot of psykers in his army, would using the crucible of malediction be a good choice at higher points?

Do the plasma grenades negate cover saves for the entire bike squad? or just the drachon and succubus?

Thanks for the help in advance

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Succubus does have combat drugs like the rest of the squad.
I wouldnt recemmend the crucible of malediction because unless the psycher has several negative leadership modifiers, there is a good chance the crucible wont do anything.
Plasman grenades only effect the model they are given to.
Overall, really nice list. Good luck.
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