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I'm using a 1500pts eldar army against mostly my brothers Ravenwing Marine army. Since we are both going to expand to 2000pts each soon,(and him gaining obsurd amounts of bikes and land speeders with assault cannons) I'm wondering what would be good choices to expand onto my current army list. I'm open to suggestions and to let you know ahead of time, I'm not a huge fan of rangers, swooping hawks, scorpions, howling banshees, wraithguard(too expensive), guardians to a certain degree(I find them rather ineffective at killing anything that's MEQ, and I pretty much hate painting them), and support weapon batteries. I'm not too set on any any particular list right now, but I do like out maneuvering people to a certain degree, I don't want to get rid of the Avengers as they tend to destroy my brothers rather small marine squads when they finally hit them with a farseer casting doom on them.

-Runes of Witnessing
-Singing Spear
(sits with the wraithlord since it likes to miss with it's two weapons a lot, despite a BS of 4)

-Runes of Witnessing
-Singing Spear
-Mind War
(runs with my foot slogging harlies or avengers to make sure that the squad they're killing doesn't not survive, and any leaders in the squad are killed with mind war)

10 Dire Avengers-152
-Exarch upgrade
-Twin Shuriken Catapults
(Foot sloggers forming the bulk of my army, throw enough shots at a marine and it will die eventually)

10 Dire Avengers-152
-Exarch upgrade
-Twin Shuriken Catapults

10 Dire Avengers-152
-Exarch upgrade
-Twin Shuriken Catapults

6 Fire Dragons-96
-Falcon Transport
(Tank hunters)

7 Harlequins-184
-Shadowseer Upgrade
-7 Harlequin's Kiss
(Deals with enemy CC squads and squads that have tied up my non-CC squads in close combat)

=Fast Attack=
8 Warp Spiders-203
-Exarch Upgrade
-Twin Death Spinners
-Suprise Assault
(Light tank hunters, MEQ hunters when no light armor is around)

=Heavy Support=
-Eldar Missile Launcher
-Bright Lance
(Dedicated anti-tank)

-Scatter Laser
-Shuriken Cannon upgrade
(Falcon transport)

TOTAL 1500pts even

All in all, I'm looking to add 500 pts to this list with some more support against fast moving troops(bikes, land speeders), and possibly a little more fire power against AV 14, as my brother tends to field a land raider crusader a lot. I'm going to be getting some money this weekend so feel free to throw out some suggestions on new units to aquire, as I'm already going to be purchasing the third block of DA's.

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Ok you have a very nice core, which I am asuming you do not want to change. I think for your next 500 points you should focus on playing other kinds of armies in tournaments at 1500, 1750, and 1850 pts. You will continue to play your brother and any of your friends you can hustle, I mean invite, into the hobby (adiction), but there is a lot of fun in playing at local stores. By adding the right 500 pts you can make a some varied 1500 - 1850 pt lists. Here are my suggestions for that.

1. You have only one falcon. All armies should never use only one tank as it gets taken out very quickly.

2. You lack mobility. It will be difficult to move a unit to take an objective on the last turn.

3. You have enough anti-tank right now but you may want to add some to keep your 2000 pt list balanced.

4. For a list more than 1500 you will need more cc.

Ok I think you can go two ways. More tanks (falcons or wave serpents) or less tanks (add more troops)

If you add tanks then add another falcon or two wave serpents and put something in them. You can put avengers but Scorpions would be a better choice IMO.

If you add troops I would add fast stuff like spears, spiders, hawks, or jet bikes (in no particular order). I have no idea which is better since my list uses the above strategy.

Most importantly buy stuff you think is cool and will like to paint.
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