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Mutuus said:
The Daemon Prince is going to be a center piece for this army, so I'd like to keep him relatively the way he is. I'm going to convert him with a dragon ogre shaggoth and show him off as much as possible.:yes:
You have a FW Thister and the Daemon Prince is going to be your centerpiece?

Other then that the list looks half decent. Except I wouldn't use the collars on ACs unless you have points to spare. Same goes for D-Mutation on the Zerkers. The last thing you want is to pay 254 points for 8 marines. If you really want to then I say drop the Talisman and stick them in a Rhino. But first find 50 points to hack off. But I wouldn't do that.

I'd also drop a Pred in favor of some Possessed with D-Talons. Those things can be quite vicious with the amount of attacks Khornate units get.
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