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This is my friends list, and I'm posting from memory, but see if the seasoned can't help him out; he feels lost.

Autarch, PW, fusion gun w/....
5 or 6 banshees, exarch, executioner
wave serpent, TLBL

(He usually fields a farseer...didn't tonight....)

5xWraithguard (in the past he's fielded hawks instead of banshees, put wings on the autarch, intercept on the exarch, and used haywire grenades, and put the WG in the Serpent..but tonight he didn't.... they got annihilated.)

10xDire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm


2x Wraithlord, both with BL, EML

5 or 6 warp spiders

20 Guardians (He usually doesn't field this many, and he usually puts them with a support platform...that seems to always miss! heh :( )

Avatar (recent purchase... new addition to the army)

5x Darkreapers (This is usually who the farseer hangs out with)

Waveserpent, TLBL

Does that look like 2000? Looking at it on paper, I think this is actually one of his...less good looks he's given me, but where would you seasoned eldar players go from here?
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