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Frinedly 2000pt HE list

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I have recently made two army lists and i was wondering what people thought about them and any suggestions they may have. The other list is posted as a seperate thread.


-Prince- steed w/barding, heavy armour, shield, blade of darting steel, vembraces of defence
260 pts

-commander- heavy armour, swordmaster honor, talisman of protection
(sometimes i may give him foe bane and helm of fortune instead but points are the same)
124 pts

commander- heavy armour, steed w/barding, shield, lance, ring of fury, dispel scroll
147 pts

Mage lv: 2 on steed w/barding, seer, and dispell scroll
197 pts


10 Archers
120 pts

18 spearmen w/ command
128 pts

8 silver helms w/ full command, haevy armour, and shields
219 pts


1 tiranoc chariot
85 pts

20 swordmasters w/ full command
290 pts

8 dragon princes w/ standard
226 pts


2 RBT's
200 pts

TOTAL: 1996 pts

The prince will join the silver helm regiment and the commander on the steed the dragon princes. I cant decide if my commander on foot should join the swordmasters or spearmen. The tiranoc chariot will be held to be used in support for my infrantry. The purpose of my mage is to either use lore of life to use howler wind to protect my infrantry from missles or lore of heavens, fire, or high magic depending on what i think is best for the army being faced.
I have down on paper a few changes i can make depending on what army i am up against but any suggestions would be appreciated.
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first off the list doesn't look all that bad the only thing i don't really like is the magic sword you gave to your prince. i think he should have the blade of sea gold instead as he already has a really good initiative so the blade of darting steel doesn't help all that much. The blade of sea gold will be good against those heavily armored characters you face.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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