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So after buying a Battle Company, I'm trying to figure out ways in which I can make a dual use Loyal/Renegade/Traitor Chapter, kind of like the Soul Drinkers.

The Chapter was designed to fight a guerrilla war in the Eye, and gets cut off from Imperial supply.

The chapter would have 5 phases:

1) Pure Space Marine w/allies availabe such as Grey Knights.

2) Loyal with some mutation, but attempts at controlling with amputations (Cybernetic replacements for limbs using Iron Hands parts.) Perhaps a Mutation Company using Blood Angels rules.

3) Renegade with mutation in leaders and champions. Perhaps using Fabius Bile. Basic Marines without anything too fancy, Undivided choices only. No Demons, Obliterators, Dreadnoughts. Maybe Spawn though...

4) Renegade with mutations galore. The Chapter attempts to use chaos to its advatage. Use of Icons, as favors from the gods. Use of demons and all other types of Chaos Codex units as Auxilleries.

5) Traitor, the Chaper turns to one of the gods. Troops are specialized.

Models would have some chaosy pieces here and there, along with the cybernetics. Kind of like a 13th Company lite. Sarges and leaders would be switched out for thier evil mutated alter egos, so there would be a good and evil version of each.

Vehicles would have the mouths on the gun barrels and would have twin bolters/combi bolters that could count as storm bolters when used as Loyalist. None of the spikey bits would be used.

Squads would vary in apperance, with a theme for each if possible. Some examples:

1) An Assault/Rapter squad with beaky helmets and the Shrike figure as a leader.

2) An Assault/Rapter squad with bat wing (Night Lord) helmets and a leader with bat wings or batwing backpack.

3) A bike squad with horned helmets, and a leader with a horned head.

4) A bike squad with Space Wolves heads, (the punk rock streaming in the wind type.) Librarian/Sorcerer leader.

5) All of the squads would have the same breast plates within each squad (except Veterans/Chosen, Mutation/Possesed). Chaosy bits would replace armor here and there. Some squads would have some mutation (with goody goody loyalist switch outs), while other squads are untouched. Some squads would have cybernetics.

6) Any Legion Auxilleries would have thier traditional Legion armor, with one shoulder painted in the Chapter colors (like Death Watch or Tech Marines).

7) I'm having some trouble deciding on dual Loyalist/Renegade Terminator war gear. It would be nice to find something that could be used for both, but I'm having trouble.

Maybe this (Using Chaos/Dark Angels)?

Termie Sarge/Champ w/Stom Bolter (counts as twin-linked bolter), power weapon
Termie w/ Lightning Claws
Termie w/ Hvy Flamer, Power Fist
Termie w/ Storm Bolter, Chain Fist
Termie w/ Storm Bolter, Power Fist

Not sure how effective it would be...

Am I wasting my time and money, or does this seem pretty cool to you guys?

Any ideas for my Chapter?


Warprat ;)

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I like it however i think that you trying harder then you need. Swaping out the champions is a great idea but swaping individual marines might be too much on the wallet. Try using less chaos pieces in your squads with more loyalist parts. IF you paint them all the same they'll blend in to one consistant army.

Also, I'd have no problm if i played you with this army counting as Space Marines one game and Chaos Space marines the next as long as i didn't have to do too much remembering of the "counts as rule".

Final vote, go for it.

Woof! Woof! Bark! Bark!!!
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I love your idea, and as you have it outlined it should work beautifully!

But, my god! What a lot of models to buy and paint!!

My suggestion, and please ignore or take as you see fit, is to make the chapter in it's beginning to mid-life stages. Lots of imperial bitz on the marines - but starting to look chaosy as well. Lots of spikes, skulls, chains, etc... Make it look like the mighty have fallen, and are in the process of becoming the chaotic heathens that desire to de-throne the false god.

It would look great!



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My wallet is suffering severe strain!

But I already had a hundred marines before I bought the Battle Company. I was going to send them off to be painted. Then, the Battle Company came along. For pretty much the price of the Rhinos I got a whole bunch of extra guys...

This is what I have collected:

10 Normal Tactical squads
2 Macragge Tac squads
2 BP/CCW Tac squads
3 Assualt Squads
3 Devestator Squads
1 Chaos Squad (8 men)
1 5 man Wolfen squad
6 SM Bikes
1 SM Attack Bike
10 Rhinos
1 Razorback
2 Basic Land Speeders

I have the money set aside to do this army right, including getting it painted by someone beyond my meager skills.

I'm open to any ideas!

Warprat ;)
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