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-What is the project?
The project was founded by Hotspike(sorry I can get all the funny symbols) and unfortunately he wont be able to continue with it so I volunteered to start the new thread. So what it is is a project to help new gamers build up their armies. Gamers starting a new army or those who already have an army but are willing to do it for fun and to help will show their progress on this thread so any new players needing help have some skeleton ideas of how it is done.

-Who can join and how do you join?
Copy this link: http://z11.invision and paste it in your browser's search bar, then remove the space between the invision and the free. It sounds harder than it is. If you join, you can add it to your favorites and its easy to get to.

-What are the 9 legions?
If you don't know, they are:
I. Black Legion
II. Nurgle/Death Guard
III. Slaneesh/Emporer's Children
IV. Tzeentch/Thousand Sons
V. Khorne/World Eaters
VI. Iron Warriors
VII. Alpha Legion
VIII. Word Bearers
IX. Night Lords
X. The Lost and the Damned

**I have come up with a new way of running the programme which will make finding things a bit easier(not that there was anything wrong with Hotspikes edition). Instead of putting everything on the front page, I would like it to be easier for the members to edit their material and so that if someone wants to start black legion for example, they can find all of X member's info in one place rather than it being sprawled out.
How? Follow the link above to our new LO sanctioned, project specific forum."]CLICK[/URL]
Its pretty easy, hey?
So now I need people to join. People already on the project are:
I. Black Legion:ChaplainCassius,Xardian
II. Nurgle/Death Guard: Andusciassus, AnimeNathan,detonation05
III. Slaneesh/Emporer's Children:Greg
IV. Tzeentch/Thousand Sons:
V. Khorne/World Eaters: RobtheGuru, Shoottokill,Soviet_Tau_Commander,Æther-MØØSE, notkeysersoze, Misanthropia
VI. Iron Warriors: Pancakes;danjones87,Dakar, Silent-Ninja
VII. Alpha Legion:TwoHats, theyak
VIII. Word Bearers: Helbrecht
IX. Night Lords: Dodge,SWAT72
X. The Lost and the Damned;numberofthebeastxxx(see post #26);DP Excerion;LordLink

(Click the name to go to the journal)

I do thank-you in advance if you join and I'm sure those who will benefit from it do too.
If you want to join, PM me or post here as said before. If your journal is already being used or you can't use it for the project for whatever reason, PM me and we can come up with something. If you need help with anything, PM or post, as per the usual.

You can also e-mail me on [email protected]

PLEASE see the post below, 'post #2' to find links and info that may help you in general. I hope that between the member's links above and article info below the project can be of some help to any and all chaos space marine players.

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Hey all, as you can see this post has been changed. I will be adding other links, posts and articles that may help people here. As said before, between our member's army information and general articles, I hope the project is beneficial for all.

Army roster (Games-Workshop)- 'here'this is just for interest's sake, use it, don't use it, it's up to you but please remember if you edit it as a pdf to show, remove individual stats and costs as to conform with LO rule.

GW chaos UK- here
GW chaos US- here
I looked at the Australian and Canadian ones but they are the same as the U.S.

IAmAngel said:
select a legion.

Black Legion:
This Legion is the ‘Vanilla’ Chaos Space Marines. It has the most options, and has access to every unit in the Chaos Space Marine Codex. A Black Legion army can be good for close combat, shooting, or a mix of the two. It’s the most versatile of all the Legions, and is good to start out with. If you are unsure what Legion to start with, then Black Legion is probably for you because it gives you the ability to try out most things in the codex, and lets you get a feel for the general Chaos army.

Alpha Legion:
Alpha Legion focuses on infiltrating. You get the Infiltrate special ability at a cheaper price for some units, and access to Chaos Cultists, a hoard type unit. As the Alpha Legion is an undivided force, it may not take marked units. Alpha Legion has access to Daemons, which is different compared to some of the other undivided legions of Chaos. Typically, Alpha Legion is a more infantry base list mainly because of their access to Chaos Cultists. They generally have a mix of shooting and close combat units. If you like a sneaky, infiltrating infantry army, then this Legion is for you.

Word Bearers:
Word Bearers are an infantry, and daemon heavy force with access to all types of daemons. They get extra troop slots, but have to give up an Elite, Heavy Support, and Fast Attack choice. The Word Bearers can be lead by Dark Apostles that makes the units around him fearless. Unfortunately, the Word Bearers can’t take specialized marked squads. If you like Daemons, this is the Legion for you.

Iron Warriors:
The Iron Warriors probably have the most firepower compared to the other legions. They gain an extra Heavy Support Choice, and the limitation on Obliterators is removed! You also gain access to the Basilisk (see IG codex) and Vindicator (see SM codex) tanks. You also gain access to the Servo Arm, which acts similar to the Space Marine Tech arm. . However, they must sacrifice one Fast Attack option, as well as not being able to select Daemons or specifically marked units. If you like firepower and ordnance then Iron Warriors are for you.

Night Lords:
The Night Lords are swift and stealthy. By giving up 1 Heavy Support choice, they gain one fast attack choice. A Night Lord army can be fast and hard hitting with many Bikers and Raptors. They lose access to Daemons and God specific marks however. They can also take the stealth adept veteran skill. If you want a quick, and mobile force that can hit fast and hard, then Night Lords may be for you.

Khorne (World Eaters):
Khorne is a close combat oriented legion that serves the blood god. Their main daemons are the Bloodletters, and the Bloodthirster. Their main troop choice is Berserkers. Basically, they charge forward and try to get into assault, usually backed up by a Predator for some fire support. They have limited firepower, but they make up for it in close combat. The Sacred number is 8. If you like crazy blood frenzy units charging for close combat, then World Eaters may be for you.

Nurgle (Death Guard):
The Mark of Nurgle gives an extra toughness, gets the True Grit ability, and makes them Fearless. Many forces have infiltrating/rhino squads with melta/plasma guns blast away, and then assault usually accompanied with an AC. The main daemon of nurgle is Plague Bearers, and their main troops are Plague Marines. They are very resilient, and are overall a powerful army with 7 as their sacred number. If you like resilient, a powerful units, then Death Guard may be for you.

Slaanesh (Emperors Children):
Emperors Children serve the god of Slaanesh. They utilize sonic weaponry that can be very powerful. The Noise Marines are excellent at shooting and assault. Daemonettes are the daemons of slaanesh, and though they can be fragile they can be very devastating on the charge. Slaanesh are considered by some to be the best legion for doing the ‘Daemon Bomb’ tactic. There sacred number is 6.Accompanied by their good psychic, shooting, and assault abilities the Emperors Children can be a powerful, and fun legion to play.

Tzeentch (Thousand Sons):
The Tzeentch have greater sorcerers, and powerful spells. They are granted an extra wound, but move slow. Because of this, Thousand Son armies tend to be slow, shooting and psychic oriented armies. Their Daemons can be impressive, by laying down lots of firepower.
Their sacred number is 9.If you like resilent, and psychic powers coupled with a lot of firepower, then the Thousand Sons might be for you.

Overall, whatever Legion you choose you are bound to enjoy, and like it...

Courtesy of IAmAngel who kindly let me quote this which might help people trying to make up their minds. Thank-you IAmAngel

If anyone has links to other helpful articles please feel free to inform me in the same way as before: post,PM, e-mail

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I'm still here and still working on my army.
I have a journal with what has been happening so far. I haven't posted my army
as yet as it is currently being refined to fit a 500 pt plus format but have posted the results
of my first three battles.

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Way cool, welcome to the new project. Anyway, if you can't use your journal (Pancakes, its up to you if you want to change it) then make a post on this thread that will be your own. On this post you will effectively add everything as you go editing it as if it were your journal.

-Why must I put everything on one thread and not sprawled out?
Because it will be easier for people to find and because there will hopefully be a number of pages on this thread the links of the front page will be to your relevent posts. Your post should be entitled with your name.
Is everyone okay with this?

An example: Greg can post his intro and his 500pnts in the normal format(same as hotspikes old format and the one mentioned in the main post), and afterwards he can go back to the same post and add links to his battle reports, pics of his estemed models and at later stage his stage 3(1000pnts(BTW I will work on recruiting before I do any projects)).

-I know some of you have done the intros before and this may be a bit tedius but can you please also start on your personal post.

-Why does Dodge keep asking all these retoricle questions?
Because they sound cool.:shifty:

Thanks again

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I sincerely apologize for leaving you hanging for so long, but you've got Dodge running the show so everything should be working much quicker. lol. Anyway, good luck and I hope you all get to see this thing through. I'll be peeking in every so often to see how things are working out.


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Thanks dj:yes: can you just add an intro entry... then it will be perfect.

numberofthebeastxxx: I saw your tank, it looks good, well done. How is your journal going?

AS I said before it may be a bit tedius but can you please do your intros again and add them in your journals. I think it is just easier for you to have access to edit it if needs be.

Thanks again for the interest guys

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-Thats perfect dj!;)
-Can you include an intro entry there LordLink?
-numberofthebeastxxx sorry if it is a bit awkward but it would be easier if it was on this thread. If you like I can send a copy of what I have for you to copy paste it(hotspike sent me some of your stuff) or if you go edit-copy and then paste it in a new thread here your links shouldn't be broken as they would be if you just copy-pasted without 'edit'.

Thanks guys as soon as we have things pumping smoothly we can start doing fun things with it :)

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In Dodge's journal it has all these CLICK ME links to photobucket on it. I'd like a link to my story on Lt. Vein. Since it's about 11 pages long i'd really rather not spam my journal with it but just post a convenient link.

How do I get a link to my word document on Vein's Elite? do i need to start a whole new internet site...

sorry if this is an obvious question but I.T. at school was a load of &%$#
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