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Fun 2000 points army list Getting back into WE

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I have a lizardmen army and a lot of models for a lot of armies but one of my favriot armies I used to play a few years ago befor I sold them to my friend was wood elves.

the shooting and the smashing and all the skirmishing and then fun...a very orginal army which I love to play.

Im rebuying a lot of models I only have one treeman left not and ancient thought Im gonna have to convert one the normal treeman model isnt ancient enough for me

this list is a general list I used to run its not very mass fast calvary spam...oh well.

rip it apart my favriot critic"s



Treeman ancient 400
-murder of spites
-muster of malovents
-annoyance of netlings


spellsinger 140
2 dispell scrolls

Noble 109
great weapon
hail of doom


10 glade guard xxx

10 glade guardxxxx

5 glade riders musician xxx

8 dryadsxx




7 wardancers xxx ( i never understood why these guys work so good in groups of seven...everytime I use them they for some reason just do amazing like this...cause when I boost their numbers up they get targeted a lot and if they are down anymore they are almost useless....idk)

7 wardancers xxx

6 wild riders


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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